Day 55: Phone Communication

No Travel Time Needed

We are now on Day 45 of America’s lockdown and Day 55 of our own. Our only forms of communication now are our computers and phones. I spend more time on the phone at present because it is no longer possible to do meetings with clients and others live. There have been some benefits to that which include being able to do meetings via Zoom therefore saving me time on what would have been necessary travel time.

Self Motivation

I’m impressed with our staying power. 55 days of being in our apartment and myself, my wife and our daughter are doing quite well. My wife and I are fortunate in having a daughter who is self motivated and has not been a problem at all in this process. She attends school remotely, does her homework and has various online activities she participates in.

Phone Communication

As I sit here in Manhattan, NY, working on the computer, I hear rain outside. There is a part of me that wants to step outside and feel the rain on my face, but this is impossible, especially in our building where people are walking around in the lobby and in the hallways without wearing masks. So instead it is back to the phone talking with clients and others. I am thankful for phone communication.


Day 54: Zoom is Zooming

Remote School

It’s incredible that  we’ve reached Day 54 in lockdown. This will long term have a big impact on my 11 year old daughter. She is handling it well and remains focused on distance learning, homework, cleaning her room and Minecraft. We do a weekly Zoom call with my wife’s family. Zoom is also used for meetings with my club and my daughter’s remote school also.

Zoom is Indeed Zooming

Zoom is really zooming. I’ve know about it for quite some time and I found the initial version very buggy and hard to use, but they seem to have perfected the system and is seems like everyone is using it in these Coronavirus days.

Making Contact Across the Country

I have a Zoom call coming soon and am looking forward to it. Myself and the same New York City Zoom group members last time around interviewed someone live from Las Vegas who is very famous in the craft we are a part of.

Day 53: National Shutdown Day 43

America’s Shutdown Day 43 while We’re at Day 53

We were ten days ahead of the national shutdown, starting to stay within our apartment ahead of schedule. We knew something wasn’t quite right. Today is Day 53 for us and the official shutdown Day 43.

Bonding Every Day at 7:00pm

This is a shoutout to our Manhattan compatriots. How are you doing? We hear you every day at 7:00pm making noise  and cheering for our wonderful essential workers.

When will We be Free?

At Day 53 we are moving into 2 months of staying within. How many more days until we have the freedom to roam the city streets?

Day 52: Coronavirus Still Strong

Gratitude in Attitude

In New York the virus is still strong whereas in other parts of the country it is more manageable. 52 days of being inside and not going out has been easier than we expected in our family consisting of me, my wife and our 11 year old daughter. We all get along very well and enjoy each others’ company. I imagine that there are some whose scenarios are not so peachy. So I feel very grateful for what we have.

More Gratitude

My brother and his wife were very kind and offered to send us Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds liquid detergent which was much appreciated. This detergent is multipurpose  which could be useful when being required to stay inside. It is important to have resources that fit the need and if possible, have a couple different functions because of limited space.

Surviving the Virus

And speaking of limited space, my wife and daughter were focused yesterday on a major cleanup of my daughter’s room. My daughter still has toys from when she was very young so there was a lot of stuff to get rid of. I meanwhile washed dishes, did the laundry and other weekend activities. The Coronavirus may be still strong here in Manhattan, but we are very fortunate having each other which makes beating it a lot easier.

Day 50 – A Cast of Characters

Washing Buddies

Saturdays I sleep in and sometimes do the laundry unless I push it off to Sunday. The laundry room in our building has a revolving door of a cast of characters. Even though we’ve lived in our building for over a decade we don’t know that many people in the building. So my only contact with individuals is when I’m washing out clothes.

Thanks to a Nursing Home

The individuals I encounter are made even odder because of the various ways people wear their masks. I’m a part of that oddness. I still wear a mask in the form of a scarf because we still haven’t gotten the masks that we ordered nor have we received in the mail the masks from my wife’s father who in turn got a supply from a friend who runs a nursing home.

Considering a Change

The most surprising thing about the laundry folks is that they do not keep a social distance. In fact, they are as pushy as ever if you get in their way. It’s as though they feel they are magically protected from actually getting sick. Last week two women in masks almost knocked me over in order to get to their respective washers. Maybe I should change the day and time I wash our clothes.

Day 49: Washing Hands and Washing Again

The Washing of Hands Process

Life in lock-down seems to be a continual montage of washing hands. Washing hands after you get up in the morning. Washing hands when you go to the lobby to get mail and packages, washing hands before and after you eat and so on. The sound of scrubbing is the sound of washing hands throughout. My guess is, that at least in my family, even after the Coronavirus subsides some, washing hands will become something we do more of.

Where’s the Soap?

Washing hands all the time makes soap an important thing. And because there is still rationing going on, one hopes for getting soap in the next grocery delivery. Will the person delivering the items contaminate us? Should we be washing all grocery items, even those in boxes and contained in plastic? God forbid we forget to order soap with our groceries, will we make it to the next delivery with what little soap we still have?

More than Just Washing Our Hands?

And every moment of every day that washing of hands can be a part of a scary thing. Did we touch the mail with more than just our hands? Will what we are wearing become contaminated brushing a package against our pants leg while bringing it upstairs? When are we getting our medical masks in the mail? Is wearing a scarf over our face for now enough? If we need to use the scarf consecutively twice, is the scarf now transferring COVID-19 to us? Is washing our hands in and of its own enough or should we now up the precaution by taking a shower?

Day 48: The Struggle With Work

The Customer is Always Right

There is not only the psychological structure of 48 days of not stepping outside, but also the struggle of work. A client dumped a bunch of stuff on my lap last night and I had to grin and bear it. I had never agreed to do the work for the compensation given, but he thought I had. And the customer is always right.

You Are Lucky

There is a bit of a stigma that that the Coronavirus brings to the table. The expectation is that you will do whatever you must do to please those who pay you. Granted there are true tales of woe regarding being without employment and my situation is nowhere close to it, but it is interesting to note the attitude that you sometimes get. It’s as though they are subliminally saying: “Do it, you’re lucky to have it,” and that is true.

Watch Out for that Rug

And speaking of work, it’s alarming to see these back to work plans. There is no thought being put into the virus coming back as strong as ever. Instead, a constituency must be pleased. Playing into the happy dreams of others only to pull the rug from beneath them once they have voted “yes.”

Day 47: Making Friends with Digital

At Least Staying in Touch

Are you friends with digital? This is an important time to be. This means working with customers in the midst of a pandemic. Can you adapt now, even if digital didn’t play much a role in your business prior to this? Are there ways to integrate digital more, even if it just means staying in touch with customers so they are hopefully there when this is all over?


Chances are you have more time now than before. How can you use this time to reinvent what you do? First look at the service you provide and why your customers need it. Then figure out a possible way that some of that need can be fulfilled digitally.

A New Direction

Can you act on your new direction now, without having to wait until the Coronavirus becomes manageable?  Do you need the help of someone else to help you do this? How can you be in touch with this person? Food for thought in a digital world.


Day 46: Trapped in the Pandemic with a Toothache

A Major Problem?

A scare that I experienced yesterday afternoon was that I thought I had a growing toothache. The reason that such a thing is so frightening is that if it does turn into a full blown throbbing and very painful situation, what is one to do? I had been very disappointed with my regular dentist when this person had overcharged me for working on the exact same tooth that could have developed into a major problem.


I had switched dentists a few years back for the exact same issue which was the overcharging, far beyond what insurance coverage had paid. Dentists can sometimes get very greedy and not only pocket what was a fair amount from insurance, but to then charge the patient a thousand dollars or so. A thousand dollars is a lot of money to me and was the amount I’ve faced having to pay as a patient.

Throbbing Pain

But what was so frightening about having a possible major tooth scare in a pandemic? Imagine this: having to have a tooth removed or fixing of a tooth when the mere thought of standing closer then 6 feet near a person is terrifying, let alone it being someone like a dentist who is working with many different people therefore upping the odds that they had been exposed to COVID-19. And in an intense situation we are in which is the cutting off of all types of services compounded the incident. Thankfully the tooth stopped throbbing with pain. At least for the moment.