Day 86: DIYdigi Facilitates a New Type of Love

A New Type of Love

How does DIYdigi facilitate a new type of love? It is because in this new age of the Coronavirus, communication is vital, and can provide you with the tools. The DIY in DIYdigi stands for Do It Yourself and digi stands for digital, so in its form of DIYdigi, it represents “Do It Yourself Digital.

Couple with a Name

Even if you don’t read or purchase celeb publications, you’ve probably at least have heard the melding of names for a celebrity couple. For example, when Ben Affleck dated Jennifer Lopez the couple for the rags was labeled as an entity, specifically “Bennerifer.”

Do You Deserve to Be a Celebrity?

You can do this for your love as well. Do you feel like a celebrity. Do you feel your are entitled you current love interest and yourself should have a name as a couple? If this is the case then DIYdigi can help you with this.

Day 85: We Finally Got Coffee But…

Coffee Achievers

There was a question asked of us yesterday after we had put up that day’s post. The question was “Had we gotten coffee yet?” Yes we have, thanks for asking. Yesterday was the first day in a while that we were able to caffeinate. It’s a relief to be writing this now, with some sense of optimism that can come within due to that beans concoction. The java cup can actually make you an achiever, much like David Bowie in the old (and hilarious) “Coffee Achievers” TV campaign. If you’re not over 50 you probably never saw it. Look for it on YouTube. Needless to say though, coffee is actually not good for you.

Free to Destroy?

So what is the agenda for today, now that we are not falling asleep at the computer? COVID-19 of course. But, as of the last few days, this is no longer the only drama that is catching the headlines. Though, the headlines, we believe, are an outgrowth of the Coronavirus. There are fewer people outside except for those who are either protesting (which is a good thing) or pillaging (which is not a good thing). What has been up to this point a positive of the virus in that we honor the essential workers, has now taken a turn. Not being watched as much has caused people to follow their negative impulse of being free to destroy.

Processing Feelings

Obviously it is much more complicated than that. But it does bring up the scary thought that when we finally do go outside, we may not be as safe as we used to be. In New York and NYC the leadership has unfortunately turned out not to be as effective as hoped. Yes, I voted for both of them, but lately have not been happy with them. It takes a special type of leader to be able to speak to the hearts of all. It’s embarrassing to me (and surely they should be embarrassed) that city officials talking to crowds are pretending to be emotional and on the verge of crying. Can’t politicians really feel things and be able to empathize? Or is that left to those of us who don’t have that kind of power? Maybe you have to not process feelings to be able to face the challenges of getting elected? It’s all of our loss if that is true.

Day 84: Family Communication

Video Get-Together

We’ve started doing Zoom calls on both sides of our families, my wife’s and mine. The process has been interesting in that you have an amplification of family issues due to the context interaction is going on in. The interaction happens from Manhattan to California.You would think the fact that you are on camera would be inhibiting. Just the opposite has been our experience.

Setting Up Calls

It’s tough to set these calls up because you want to include everyone, but this is not always possible. And some of the calls can be a disaster.

Where Do We Go Now?

So forge ahead folks, dysfunctional or not. Because after even if you live in the big city now, they are still your family!

Day 83: U.S. New Normal

Digital Domain

The New Normal of the United States. U.S. New Normal. It’s not that it’s we’re going to enter into this stage, we’re already there. Think about your life, all the things you are experiencing now. Will it be that much different once you leave your lockdown? For some with jobs the require client and provider be in the same room, you’re life will likely be different from what it is at this moment. You’ll be doing work primarily out of the digital domain.

An Old Friend

Those who are working in the digital sphere are currently doing their work remotely. An old friend of mine randomly called me yesterday and we talked for almost an hour about technology, the arts and the New Normal. What I gleaned from that conversation is that we have a long way to go before things will be “normal.” And the “Now Normal” will continue to be the “New Normal.” Things will never be the same as they were before. and certain jobs have become more visible because of their needs.


When one casually looks at listings for positions that are currently available, up front and center we find that they are based on the times and make sense that they would be there. We’re talking about jobs such as Lab Technicians, Delivery People and Amazon Warehouse Workers. These all strike a chord with us because we want Lab Technicians to come up with a cure, we get our food from Delivery People and we are grateful for the Amazon Warehouse Workers who pack important stuff that we need on a weekly basis.

Day 82: No Coffee for Three Days

Do Not Go Outside

This is day three of not drinking coffee. And not by choice. Going coffee-less is because of forgetting to order it with our food delivery. Yesterday, out of desperation, I started to leave the apartment to get some at the local bodega but was stopped by my wife. She reminded me that our daughter, who at that moment was in her room with the door shut for distance learning, felt very strongly about us not going out of doors.

Insurmountable Addiction?

I didn’t want my daughter to not feel safe so I took off my shoes and returned to the home office to work. That is if I could keep myself conscious for any amount of time. Now it’s the next day. I get up at around 6:00am. It is currently 10:00pm EST. For four hours I was unable to engage in blogging. Four hours. I suppose I should be processing this as showing how addictive beans are, but I need them. Or so I think.

Those Born Post-1962 Need Not Read This

I ordered two containers of coffee from Amazon but they won’t be coming until Friday which is the day we order food that usually delivers the following day. That’s two days away because most likely the coffee package won’t get here until Friday night, and for that matter there is the very real possibility that it will get stolen. Our building has always been the wild west, but since the Coronavirus entered the picture, things have intensified. Our neighborhood is now the wild, wild west (yes, like the TV show that most of you probably won’t remember). Stay tuned. I feel like there should be a visual now of our building the melds into being a painted version. That’s an inside “Wild Wild West” joke you won’t get if you were born after the Cuban Missle Crisis

Day 81: The Awkwardness of Receiving a Pizza


In truth we don’t order pizza now. We’re too worried about cleanliness. And for that matter we don’t order any takeout period. But I’m getting off track. When we are delivered food it is a really uncomfortable thing. Grabbing the mask and shoes after letting the delivery person into the building.

The Tip

Rushing to the door. Opening it up a crack. Seeing the delivery person bringing up the bags and…here’s the tough one: giving the tip.

Hand Reach

My hand holds the tip. I reach out of the cracked door with bills. The delivery person takes them. It is a moment that reminds me of that famous painting “creation of Adam.” Google it.  And no, I’m not in the role of God!

Day 80: Running a Business at Home

Home Office Business

Running a business at home is in some ways more difficult for us than the old days pre-COVID-19. We we had a basement media studio in midtown Manhattan and had tables upon tables of helpers. We were serving many more clients and yet the workload seemed smaller than it does today in my home office.

Longer to Explain an Idea

One of the big difference is workers. We now primarily work with digital workers who are online. This means all of our communication is via email. It can sometimes be challenging trying to explain an idea, whereas in the old days when we were in the same room as our team, we could show and not tell. Not to say you can’t communicate visually with digital workers, you can send each other digital blueprints and images. It’s just that now it takes longer to explain an idea.

Creating Jobs

So we move forward seeking more ways we can delegate work to digital workers creating jobs all across America.

Day 79: Be Creative at Home

Fear of Being Creative

As a family in quarantine lockdown in Manhattan, 79 days in, we get asked “What do you do to pass the time?” Our answer is: be creative at home. It’s really that easy. If you have a creative venture of some kind you should never get bored. Some people claim having a block to their motivation to create, but this is needless to say merely a fear of being creative.

Your Mind Keeps Going

There is no need to block your creative mind, because there is no such thing as inhibiting your mind, unless you are in the midst of something that is life threatening. Your mind keeps going even when you don’t create. That fear of being creative actually is merely a layer you try to put on your creativity, but your mind keeps going, and going, and going, and so on.

Silly But Effective

Therefore to be creative at home you can say to your creativity:

“I am sorry for pretending you weren’t there. You have been there for me, and I never acknowledge it…Until now.”

If saying this to your creative seems silly, all the better to keep doing it. Eventually you will be able to…Be creative at home!

Day 78: The Alone Syndrome

Fresh Air

Being alone came sometimes be a sad state to be in. Introverts might disagree, but for most people who have been in quarantine for 78 days they might want to get out into the fresh air and visit friends.

Meeting Done Virtual

That said, it is extraordinary how easy it has been to adapt a Zoom lifestyle. As I’ve mentioned, even club meetings that I attend are done with the Brady Bunch block layout.

Technology and You

So is being lonely relative to your relationship with technology?

Day 77: No Comment


Like the Bowie song “Fame”

One of my childhood dreams was to be the guy who says to the press: “No comment.” I don’t think it I thought of it in the context of being in a controversial situation but more as an indicator of being famous. Famous like the David Bowie song that he worked on with John Lennon.

Being an Unknown

I used to think I wanted fame too much, when in fact I ironically didn’t want it enough. If I did I would have pursued it. But now as an anonymous blogger, I reveal at times fairly personal information, but none of this applies to making me well known.

Memories from Movies

So I did what many people who sought recognition do if they didn’t get it in this lifetime. They live vicariously through others. Last night I was of course in quarantine lockdown in our apartment along with my lovely wife and our at times precocious11 year old daughter. I decided I wanted to watch a movie with my headphones on.

Falling Out of Favor

The flick I was watching is around ten years old and features a person who got his start from a thumbs up that was given to him by one of my former friends. This thumbs up got the guy who received it a well known manager which in turn lead to him becoming one of the biggest movie stars around. Though, lately he has fallen out of favor.

Receiving Death Threats

As I watched the guy in the movie and thought about what his life must have been like when making the motion picture, I became overwhelmed again affirming that I would not be able to handle fame. It’s too all encompassing  and you have to get used to regularly receiving death threats (true).

Check Up

I’ve been able thus far to avoid getting death threats, so I must be doing something right. I also, thankfully, haven’t had to say to the media: “No comment.”