Day 100: Thanks for Going on this Journey with Us

Writing About the Experience

Hello on Day 100. Be well. Our beloved Manhattan is still largely empty outside. Even in Times Square where we used to live. Thanks for going on this journey with us. Clearly it is not over yet but our daily blogging for this website is. Your support has meant a lot and has inspired us to continue documenting our lives, sometimes while living through challenging times. A special thank you goes out to my brother and his wife for their interest and kind words, Our goal all along has been to develop communication. We have tried to create communication through sharing our tale. This is something that many New Yorkers have lived through (and continue to live through) and therefore our story can be very much like theirs, though not all have been writing about the experience.

Watching Coverage from Both Sides

And of course just because on Day 100 we are calling quits the daily documentation, it by no means is over. We are still staying in lockdown mode even though things have been “easing.” The truth is that many in Manhattan continue to ignore the social distancing, wearing of masks and washing hands frequently. Also, out of the threat of the virus has evolved another kind of threat. The threat of having to choose sides. Our country is divided and there is nothing in between. They say you are on one side or the other. And yet we do not feel this, which puts us at risk from both sides. It is implied that if you don’t pick one approach or the other, both sides will come after you. Admittedly I watch both CNN and MSNBC (so called “Left” Democrats) AS WELL AS Fox News (supposedly just conservative Republicans).

One Point of View or the Other

Frankly I don’t approve of what either side is doing. Both are all about an “us” or “them” mentality. This is going to be a big problem moving forward for us because you are not allowed to agree with some of the principles from BOTH sides. As well as  NOT agreeing with many of the “values” from BOTH sides. The concept of true bipartisanship simply does not exist anymore. And yet, that is what myself and my clan believe in. Stepping outside of our apartment is going to mean we shall be constantly tested by others so they can discover our alliance. We are going to have many negative and possibly even violent experiences because you can’t be for all people. It is required you be one point of view or the other.

The Rage Continues to Grow

In our apartment we hear the sounds of outside: loud fireworks and firecrackers being set off at 1:00am, angry rap music and honking. The so called agreement for both sides is a belief there are bad apple cops. The Republicans’ denouncement of tainted officers comes across as being them trying to ensure votes for the next reelection they encounter. And the democrats aren’t even attempting to find some common ground. They are committed to their beliefs and angrily adhere to their own point of view. It is a civil war of ideas and actions. On Day 100 the “New Normal” when we were just talking about COVID-19 was one thing, but now it is even tougher to define than ever. No budging from either side. Violence from looters and vandals (alongside peaceful protesting) from the left and violence  including tear gas from the right. We are in the middle. Does that mean violence toward us from both sides? Or can we actually be a part of a solution? I am afraid for my family finding out as we move closer to going outside. My wife wants to try to go outside today. I am going to attempt to talk her out of it. There is too much wrong with the world (let alone our neighborhood) here on Day 100. We may be stopping the daily reports for this blog, but the rage outside continues to grow. Goodbye on Day 100. Be well. Our beloved Manhattan is largely empty outside. Even in Times Square where we used to live. Thanks for going on this journey with us. Clearly it is not over yet. That said, I have to go do the laundry. It’s early enough that I may get the washer and dryer I like most.

Day 99: The Second to the Last Day of this Blog

Will Likely Update this Site Monthly or So

What we’re really going to explore in this second to the last installment is discipline. It clearly has taken a certain amount of discipline to reach nearly 100 entries to this site. Though, truth be told, there was a day toward the beginning that we forgot to do a post. I was almost thinking of going to Day 101 to make it exactly 100 actual posts but have decided with input from my family that tomorrow, Day 100 will mark the end of the daily approach. On occasion we will be bringing you quarantine updates, but this could be as infrequently as monthly or so.

Still Will Use Precautions

But how did I manage to have the discipline to document 100 days as of tomorrow? The answer is that I wanted to have some kind of record of what these times were like. We’re not out of the woods yet with the virus nor with the upheaval of contemporary issues, but this does feel like some kind of a turning point for COVID-19 if everyone participates. That means keeping social distance, wearing a mask and doing lots of hand washing.

Tomorrow is the Day

I have been motivate also to do a certain amount of blog updating on other websites. I have discovered my limit for being disciplined to do daily updating. So I will likely be transferring the daily discipline I had for this site onto another site I do but have been doing monthly on it. I may start to do it daily. I have to think about this still and will let you know tomorrow. I may even tell you what the site is tomorrow or at least leave some clues. I’m going to leave all my “thank yous” for tomorrow on Day 100 so see you then!

Day 98: Trying to Avoid the Need of Medical Professionals

Good Health

My 11 year old daughter pointed out to me yesterday that she is the only one who has truly been in quarantine for nearly 100 days because when either myself or my wife brings downstairs (in a mask of course) the eco items like bottles and plastics, each of us steps outside momentarily to reach the bin. My daughter is correct. This is true. We have been outside. Be it only a matter of seconds. Hopefully getting a few moments of sun for Vitamin D. My daughter has on her side, thankfully, is in youthful good health and does not need the sun as much as we do.

Working Toward Not Needing

The trick is to avoid the need of medical professionals. Why? Because of course that we are in lockdown and can’t go out. And members of the medical profession have largely not been doing check ups. Though, from what I’ve heard, dentists are back at this point. This is good because I keep getting pains in my teeth. But I work toward not needing doctors of any kind.

The Moral

Yet, that said, I have a tele-meeting later today with my doctors as a kind of check-in. What is the moral of this story? Try to avoid the need of medical professionals.

Day 97: Getting Closer or is there a Worse Enemy?

Safety First

In some ways we are getting closer. There are at least others with small businesses who are trying to make it so. My brother emailed me last night that I seemed to indicate things were getting better and in a way I think it is. But the problem now lies in the best practices to not be ignored. Now more than ever we need to be safe or it will all go up in smoke again.

The Start of Armageddon?

Also, this is a tough time for America with cities being upended by those opportunists who recognized a kink in the armor. What no one is talking about is the fact that this is the perfect time for not-nice folks to take over, especially young ones who are not at risk for COVID-19.

Hope I’m Wrong

Behavior that is counter productive for America has happened all over the country as a bonus feature of the protests. We are told that the bad behavior was not the demonstrators but rather a strategic underground group. We are also told that this same group is engaged in gradually taking over a city. Careful America. Something worse than a virus could be on its way. When you take your eyes off of the ball, others will play. I desperately hope I am wrong.

Day 96: Commitment to Health

Family Carnivores

Day 96 has us only being aware of those outside of our apartment when we hear and participate in the cheering for medical and essential workers across the neighborhood. Once in a while we look out of our window and see those below. But for the most part we are inside in our quiet living environment. Though, one thing we are committed to is health. We do our best to eat good foods. I am the vegetarian in the family and my wife as well as our 11 year old daughter are carnivores.

More than Just Potatoes

I am happy that my wife and our daughter are meat eaters. For the longest time it was difficult to get our daughter to eat food with protein and other desirable qualities for nutrition. When we introduced meat into her diet she took to it quickly including chicken, turkey and beef. I know there are issues with eating meat, but we were so happy that our daughter was finally eating something of more substance than just potatoes, we went with it.

Commitment to Health

And now when I do the ordering of the food for my family I include these meat items. The way we got our daughter to further eat good things was through adding side vegetables on the meat plate. What do I eat? Not enough of the good stuff quite frankly. My diet could use some going over. In theory I’d like to be eating lots of vegetables. My brother from across the country suggested having cut up vegetables available to munch on. Sometimes I do this, but all too often I do not. I need to be more committed to health!

Day 95: Back to Not Normal

Ambiance of Danger

As we mentioned yesterday, the plan for level 1 is being implemented, Some New Yorkers are coming out of their apartments. But unfortunately not everyone is taking caution. Members of our neighborhood which is in upper Manhattan, are not paying attention to precautionary methods. No social distance, no masks and probably not a lot of washing hands. Instead they are partying, shouting into literal megaphones and creating an ambiance of danger.

New Normal

We have still not come out of our apartment and it is day number 95 of our quarantine. Because we have access to the opinions of several medical professionals, we have learned that loosening up is not a good idea. Also, it could be premature to start living life “normally.”

Bye Bye De Blasio

Our governor Andrew Cuomo has made some mistakes but appears to be taking the right tone when talking about issues like taking subways. He actually rode in one to show that they have been cleaned up a lot and are safe to travel in. Our mayor on the other hand seems to be pissing people off with his lack of a plan, showing weakness, and appearing totally clueless as a leader. Especially the youth in our NYC communities are dising De Blasio and asking for his head.

Day 94: Today is the Day


Today is the day that New York State Governor Cuomo has designated as being phase 1 of his plan to dismantle the quarantine. We don’t fit under the categories of those who can officially venture out, but even if we were we wouldn’t let down our guard totally. As we mentioned yesterday we are going to be interested to see if the Coronavirus spikes due to all the close quarters demonstrations going on.

Getting Tested

It appears that Cuomo has set up a way for many thousands of protestors to be able to find out if they have or are carriers of COVID-19. The success or failure of this method of taking the pulse of the disease, is only as good as those willing to get tested.

Caring About Our Country

Cuomo has even stated that those who were in demonstrations should assume they have the Coronavirus and to tell other they have it since they likely do. Does that sound like something that a bunch of twenty-somethings would do? Maybe if they really care about our country as they say they do.

Day 93: Tomorrow is the Start of Phase 1

Stepping Out into the Sunshine?

Tomorrow, June 8th, is the start of phase 1 of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 strategy. Some New Yorkers will come out of their apartments. We started our lockdown earlier than most, seeing the writing in the sky before it was official. But tomorrow is when many here in Manhattan will step out into the sunshine.

Various Agendas

We’re waiting though. Because we want to see how the protestors fare after sweating all over each other in the recent demonstrations. We’re also curious about the vandals and looters. Of course the demonstrators are not the same demographic as the vandals/looters. For the most part demonstrators were peacefully seeking justice. Though in the end, they were all physically close together pursuing their various agendas.

A Vote Not Well Placed?

What will we do if we see that many of the demonstrators don’t have symptoms? Hard to say, because a lot of the demonstrators were not in age groups that were at risk. Speaking of the demonstrators it is interesting to note that our mayor is lifting the curfew. He has done this seemingly due to the negative feedback he’s been receiving from New Yorkers, including those of us who unfortunately voted for him.

Day 92: The Mystery of Long Distant Romances in the Same CIty?

Love Via Video Phone

An interesting phenomena in New York is that there are those having long distance relationships via phone video when both are here in the same city?! My wife and I can’t make heads or tails of it. Why are those in romantic relationships doing the “long distant” thing when they don’t have to be.

Getting Tested

Of course this does not mean not being careful. Each of the two would need to be tested for COVID-19 and/or wait at least two weeks to see if any symptoms exist.


But there is probably an answer to why the non-separation-separation occurs and it might be a number of things such as not having a commitment in the relationship? Or fear of intimacy?  Or fear of not being in the “right” relationship? Or fear of being in an unhealthy relationship? And so on and so forth.

Day 91: The New Way to Go Shopping

Full Throttle

Shopping will likely never again be the same in our household. Although we have to pay more for it in fees and tips, it is worth using delivery, especially now when the Pandemic is in full throttle.

Source of Protein

Today is shopping day, in which I get online and figure out what we’re eating for the week. I’m a vegetarian while my wife, as well as our 11 year old daughter, are carnivores. I’m happy actually that my daughter likes meat, because it can be a good source of protein.

Risking Your Life

So on Thursdays, taking everyone’s eating habits into consideration, I organize and put into order, our delivery food. We appreciate the young man who brings us our food each week, because his is not an easy job. Not only does he have to carry bags, but he also risks his life.