Living in a Movie Genre that I Used to Turn the Channel From

It is interesting how issues become issues so quickly. At first there were just casual references in NYC publications regarding COVID then specifically referred to at the Coronavirus. Things quickly got out of hand in terms of public safety from the virus and New York City, as did all over the country, was never the same again.

For one thing we had to quickly figure out a method how to do things that we did not have to worry about pre COVID. There is no actual site up at METHOD HOW as I write this, but the time you read it, there might be a website to take a look at. I bring up METHOD HOW because it, as a term, does a good job of making clear what what we faced early virus. We needed a “Method How” to do this and a “Method How” to do that. There was a great deal that needed a new METHOD HOW to do it!

But at the time of COVID making its entrance, I though the “C” would never cause as much chaos as it did in feature films. You see, personally, I did not like the movies about viruses taking over a community. For one thing it was challenging to make a movie about it because the star of the show, the virus was “invisible.” Sure, scientists could look into their microscopes and we would then be shown what they see, but for me not enough. An antagonist that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Of course there are many not like me who have a passion for science, and the reality is that many of these individuals grow up to help save the planet in one way or another, so I am not saying science is bad. Just that motion pictures about viruses were not my thing because I could not relate. But then that all changed.

The Coronavirus overtook us and here in New York City, we all became apartment bound. We could not go outside. There was much panic. T.P. was a big issue as was where to get food that would deliver. It was a big time coo for many supermarkets, especially those that delivered.

Now I was first-hand gaining insight through experience, what an idiot I had been to underestimate the power of a virus. So many questions did arise like “How to work remotely?” What about school? Would we be spending the rest of our lives in our apartment?

What a fool I had been to underestimate Mother Nature.