Manhattan Coronavirus and How it Impacted Startup Introverts in an Unexpected Way

A Time of Opportunity for Startup Introverts

The Manhattan Coronavirus here in New York has been devastating with the loss of Manhattanites, old and young. Our thoughts go out to those who have lost a loved one through this difficult series of variants. When we (New Yorker Startup Introverts) became aware of COVID, we immediately did what everyone else did. Stay indoors out of the way of anyone who might have COVID and could give it to you. At first, we New Yorker Introverts did not think anything much about COVID when we first heard about. This was because there were only a couple of people who had caught the virus. But even after the Coronavirus was going strong, Manhattanites thought that soon there would be a “Coronavirus After.” That was a little less than a year ago, and as of this writing there is talk of yet another shot.

A Difference in the Indoor Pandemic Experience

Americans, in order to be safe, began to stay indoors as we did. For many people this was devastating, meaning they felt claustrophobic and caged in. Most of these people were extraverts, which makes sense because extraverts often need to be loud and active, interacting with people, and getting their energy that way. But on the other hand, introverts did not have the same take as that of the “caged extraverts.” For introverts this was the time of opportunity. Many Extraverts who had “in-person” businesses either took it hard or had to close down entirely. But again, the Startup Introverts walked a different path. One that on some occasions lead them to gold.

Startup Introverts Versus Business Extraverts

Yes, for individuals like us, Startup Introverts, unexpectedly had an edge over some of the businesses run by extraverts. We feel the pain of our Extravert aquatints who had to shut those doors. It was devastating for them because their entire business was about interacting with customers in the same room, helping them to select products and services. On the other hand, we the Startup Introverts are basically loners. And the thing that lets us continue to work but not having to be in-person, are our phones and other devices. Most of us either had a remote gig or had our own business. We are quiet webpreneurs.

A Different Take on Staying Indoors

The Startup Introvert saw the potential of growing a business and making a difference, all online! While extraverts were ready to lose their minds because of having to be cooped up in their apartments, day after day, week after week, month after month. On the other hand, we Startup Introverts actually enjoyed being shut in. Startup Introverts like to stay indoors and have solitude, as well as very close friends and family members they trust. So, while extraverts kept pulling their hair out, during the Manhattan Coronavirus, Startup Introverts were very productive.

The Manhattan Coronavirus is a Serious Force Hurting Many New Yorkers

To be clear though, COVID is no laughing matter and made people ill and in some cases, even took lives. But the staying indoors component was for some introverts a dream come true. We knew that working remotely during the Pandemic was a good thing, because our businesses were digital and “remote” already. And businesses that did not have an online plan, were desperate for fear of losing their businesses due to lack of opportunity for in-person interactions with customers.

This is for All of You Out there in Web Post Land Who Either Own a Small Business or are Considering Starting One. Here on Manhattan Coronavirus, We Will Take a Look at a Marketing Strategy for Use in these COVID challenged Days, brought to our attention Thanks to Dr. Doer Himself!

Entrepreneur or Wannapreneur? To Learn the Answer, you are Going to Need to Scroll Down to the Bottom and with an open mind listen to what the Doctor Says

First off, we give a shoutout to the individual with the stage name Dr. Doer. In his way of thinking, he sees the world divided into two kinds of people: dreamers or doers. The stereotype of a dreamer being someone caught up in their creativity and plans that never come through. Whereas in this same limited view, doers could be seen as being all business, no play, with their head to the grindstone.

A Dividing Line that is Slightly Blurred

But interestingly enough, while communicating with Dr. Doer, it becomes obvious that his outlook is not entirely cut and dry. You see, the good doctor believes in (and thinks it is possible) that if you are someone on the “Doer Path,” you can still have imagination, innovation and the big “C.”

“I am known as the one and only Dr. Doer, but When I Say What I am about to Say, I Feel Like 8 Dr. Doers in One!”

I really only have to say one thing to you, and I believe to the bottom of my heart that if you do what I am about to suggest you do, and if you maintain what I am about to say, it will be one of the most important things that will happen to you in your lifetime.

COVID 19 was a Bit Player for a Day this Past Friday as More Gun Violence Occurred

Will Our New Mayor, Eric Adams, actually be able to Curb Gun Violence?

And the Gun Violence Continues

The sad, emotional and tough to take incident that took place here in Harlem, Manhattan, NYC this past Friday, was the shooting of two police officers. The result was severe injury to one officer, and the passing of the other, only 22 years of age.

Action or Inaction?

It is hard to tell if politicians are actually going to do anything regarding the issues they ran on. As the people who, in theory, vote in these individuals, it is our job to keep them accountable. Any progress in getting them to actually take action steps is correlated with our strength in keeping them to their word.

The Blueprint for Success

Every marketer knows that people primarily take action based on pain and fear, rather than love and the desire to make a difference. This is especially true of our public servants. By the very title of what they do, are supposed to serve us. Our supposed power is in our vote. This is important, but sometimes even more effective is the level to which protesting, and shaming is executed.

Yianni Stamas reveals information about Manhattan Coronavirus.

It is little known that Stamas was a part of launching this blog back at the start of the pandemic in 2020. We felt it was a good time to check in with him and ask him what his feelings are currently about coping with present day challenges that have taken a turn, maybe not for the better, due to the delta variant

What was your part in establishing the first 100 days of this blog and how do you think that it will best continue its mission?

I think the original idea of Manhattan Coronavirus was to follow a family’s daily struggle that included having to stay indoors, desperately searching for ways to get food delivered, plus anything that happened. In the beginning we did not think that the pandemic would last any longer than 100 days, so the plan was to do a post a day for 100 days which is what happened. But then, 100 days passed, and it did not look for being able to get back to normal. Manhattan Coronavirus’ origin mission was to do the 100-day experiment. At this point the concept for the site has had to shift. The idea now is to occasionally post new updates such as this one.

Do you think it would be helpful to the wellbeing of others in these days of COVID to start a blog, or at least chronicle their ongoing experience, and if so, how and why?

It comes down to the individual. Some people have had cathartic moments of insight. Others do not want to be bothered with having to write something every day.

Are you currently keeping a COVID journal, and if so, does it help you deal with the everyday issues we all share while living with the pandemic?

I personally do not write in a journal every day, though if occasionally a thought comes up that I see needing to be written down, I do so. And yes, some of those ideas have to do with COVID.

NYC Family Caught in the Pandemic

Staying Indoors

Manhattan Coronavirus is the online journal dedicated to the first 100 days of our experience as an NYC family caught in the gradual unfolding of the Pandemic. The documentation of COVID-19 from our perspective really began on March 8th, 2020 in our daily online trek that we called Manhattan Coronavirus, featured on the website of the same name. This was the date we realized we needed to start to stay indoors in our home in Inwood, Manhattan (near Washington Heights), away from possibly catching the virus. A few days later, around March 11th – 15th, 2020, others across the country became homebound as well.

Hamptons Suggestion

I had been working from home for several years already, so when remote working became a “thing” I had already signed up. And then when COVID-19 hit, I was joined by my wife who started to do her job in our apartment. This happened on or in the range of March 15, 2020. At this junction, my wife and I, and our then 11-year-old daughter, buckled up for what was initially presented by the “experts” as being something that would blow over in a matter of a few months or so. In fact, my sister (who lives in California) suggested we hole up in the Hamptons for a few weeks to let the city thing work itself out. I appreciated her suggestion and where it was coming from, but I knew deep inside that this encroaching dilemma was going to last much longer than just a month or so.

The Reality of the Hamptons being a “Refuge” from the Pandemic

It turns out that not seeking out refuge in affluent Long Island was a good idea. Not only would it have been pricey, but that area was soon fraught with issues including the allegation that the rich people who owned weekend homes in the community purchased all the food in that area for their own personal reserves. This apparently left regular folk locals unable to shop for groceries because there were none. And thus, my family and I committed to waiting for it all to blow over in our New York City digs. But upon reaching the 100th day of the “Manhattan Coronavirus” web diary as seen in this blog, it was clear that the Pandemic was just getting started!

Yianni Stamas on the Official Closing of the Christmas Holiday

Will the Manhattan Coronavirus Blog Continue?

Entitled “Manhattan Coronavirus,” this website was originally conceived as a way to document a family’s quarantine due to COVID-19. This documentation process was done in the form of daily blog entries of the first 100 days of their in-home isolation. The next phase of posts could begin again as soon as 10 months after the initial quarantine process first began. We’ll have to wait and see if this happens.

Meanwhile, Christmas Celebrations End Today, January 6

You’ve probably heard of the song “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Well, today, January 6, 2021 marks the end of the 12 days after Christmas in the Gregorian calendar. Today not only signifies the end of the Christmas celebrations, but also the starts what is known as the “Carnival Season,” which ultimately comes to fruition with Mardi Gras.

No Cheery Man in a Red Suit

The Slovakia and the Czech Republic are among the European countries that participate during this time period in a tradition in which kids dress as the three kings and visit homes in their neighborhoods. These children receive cookies for their portrayals.

Dia de los Reyes Magos

Meanwhile, the Latin American ushering in of the Epiphany is known as Dia de los Reyes Magos. And in many Latin American countries, Saint Nick is not the bearer of gifts but instead this is done by the three wise men.

Queens and Brooklyn Worse Than Thought

Just the news we New Yorkers who stuck around in the city don’t want to hear: Queens and Brooklyn are worse than originally thought in terms of the Coronavirus. We tracked the first 100 days of the Pandemic in Manhattan on this website when people were still worried. Now, thanks to some lawmakers and those who are in denial, about 50% of folks walking around the city are actually wearing masks.

To be clear, masks are not worn to protect you from the virus unless you have the super duper ones. We every day people wear masks as a courtesy and being respectful of others, if we sneeze and other methods of transmission. Show some respect for you fellow humans, put on the mask.

“Cause Marketing Can Help You Get Through It.”

Getting through the pandemic is far from over. And now with the addition of looting and destroying, the times can be tense.

The following post is about how you can integrate current affairs into your blog which can do wonders for tension. And on top of that you may even be able to make a profit.

Success in cause related marketing often means motivating an audience to take action, such as purchasing a product or service. With a dedicated CRM campaign, you can reach and persuade your target group while also raising awareness for your business and its commitment to social responsibility.

That said, it is important that your business not be perceived as just doing this meaningful activity on the public’s behalf strictly to bring in more dollars. In that case this methodology can backfire. You need to be truly committed to your way of helping. Your audience will be able to feel it if you are not being authentic. That’s why it is a good idea to connect with a cause that is related to what your business does.

Also, the more you immerse yourself in your charitable activities the better so that you and your company are viewed as being philanthropic and altruistic. In the end, cause marketing involves you as a “for-profit” and the cause for which you are fighting for being the “non-profit.”

We now live in a time that it is virtually accepted that a company be engaged earnestly in helping others solve a societal problem. When your future customers go to your website you want them to see how you are helping your online/offline community which can be a reason that they’ll stay on your page to read more about what you are doing to make a difference.

And if you get proactive and feature your message in various outreach programs, studies have shown that over 90% of college age young adults are committed to helping causes and if they see that you are helping others are more likely to participate in your brand.

In closing we suggest that you always give from the heart and it is recommended that you do so in a way that your product or service already makes a difference and expand on that. This is because it brings visibility to what you do, while making you more visible in a positive light as seen by others.

Also, just like everything else, you need to look at your cause marketing efforts as a series of campaigns of your newsletter and your other means of reaching your customers and the public. Because engaging in cause marketing is a win-win situation with which your business can thrive as you help your community.

If You Own a Business You May be Asking What Now?

Pardon the rhyme, but here it is. “Don’t WAIT behind the GATE. You need to open it by yourself.

Problem Solving Content

Around a month ago we closed down this website as being a location for having access to daily journal entries, much of them about the Coronavirus. Now that COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise, we’ve decided to come back at least a month or so and bring you practical problem-solving content.

Restrictions Mount

This entry in our “diary” takes a look at a big issue today: how are businesses going to be able to survive if they either are prevented from opening or are operating at a fraction of their usual intake due to having to adhere to COVID guidelines?

Leveraging an Opportunity

The only answer to this question is that of having to find other areas to bring in an income from your business such as having an online component. Yes, we know that likely you have already thought of that and failed to make it work. Don’t give up. The Coronavirus is your friend if you know how to leverage the opportunity.

Create Profitable Marketing

For example, we know of a New York City salon owner in New York City who realized early on that if he didn’t act he would have to close down, so he chose to create profitable marketing. Create Profitable Marketing .com is a website that will soon have a course available called “Create Profitable Marketing.

Digital is Your Friend

We bring up the upcoming course “Create Profitable Marketing” as more than just a sales pitch to you. This is the way you need to start thinking if you want to survive. It’s not about waiting around for your marketer/web designer to get customers for you, instead you need to be proactive use online marketing. The name of the following site is the tact you need to take. The website is called “How to Do Online Marketing.”

Go to the Opportunity

Back to the salon owner we mentioned. Although his salons were located in Manhattan, he took his hair cutting expertise and his stylists to the opportunity rather than waiting around for it. What he did was to go to the Hamptons with his troupe and started cutting hair in the homes of the rich and famous. He was able to find his Hampton clients through a combination of referral and using strategies on his website along the lines of knowing how to Create Online Marketing.

Finding YOUR Opportunity

You can do this too. You just need to think outside of the box and ask yourself the question: How will DIY Digi (Do It Yourself Digital) work for you?