Day 93: Tomorrow is the Start of Phase 1

Stepping Out into the Sunshine?

Tomorrow, June 8th, is the start of phase 1 of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 strategy. Some New Yorkers will come out of their apartments. We started our lockdown earlier than most, seeing the writing in the sky before it was official. But tomorrow is when many here in Manhattan will step out into the sunshine.

Various Agendas

We’re waiting though. Because we want to see how the protestors fare after sweating all over each other in the recent demonstrations. We’re also curious about the vandals and looters. Of course the demonstrators are not the same demographic as the vandals/looters. For the most part demonstrators were peacefully seeking justice. Though in the end, they were all physically close together pursuing their various agendas.

A Vote Not Well Placed?

What will we do if we see that many of the demonstrators don’t have symptoms? Hard to say, because a lot of the demonstrators were not in age groups that were at risk. Speaking of the demonstrators it is interesting to note that our mayor is lifting the curfew. He has done this seemingly due to the negative feedback he’s been receiving from New Yorkers, including those of us who unfortunately voted for him.

Day 92: The Mystery of Long Distant Romances in the Same CIty?

Love Via Video Phone

An interesting phenomena in New York is that there are those having long distance relationships via phone video when both are here in the same city?! My wife and I can’t make heads or tails of it. Why are those in romantic relationships doing the “long distant” thing when they don’t have to be.

Getting Tested

Of course this does not mean not being careful. Each of the two would need to be tested for COVID-19 and/or wait at least two weeks to see if any symptoms exist.


But there is probably an answer to why the non-separation-separation occurs and it might be a number of things such as not having a commitment in the relationship? Or fear of intimacy?  Or fear of not being in the “right” relationship? Or fear of being in an unhealthy relationship? And so on and so forth.

Day 91: The New Way to Go Shopping

Full Throttle

Shopping will likely never again be the same in our household. Although we have to pay more for it in fees and tips, it is worth using delivery, especially now when the Pandemic is in full throttle.

Source of Protein

Today is shopping day, in which I get online and figure out what we’re eating for the week. I’m a vegetarian while my wife, as well as our 11 year old daughter, are carnivores. I’m happy actually that my daughter likes meat, because it can be a good source of protein.

Risking Your Life

So on Thursdays, taking everyone’s eating habits into consideration, I organize and put into order, our delivery food. We appreciate the young man who brings us our food each week, because his is not an easy job. Not only does he have to carry bags, but he also risks his life.


Day 90: Is COVID-19 Old News?


Yeah, I’ve been on my laptop a lot lately. Why? Because of what is going on of course. So here’s the latest from a guy on a laptop who can see all this through his hallway window. There are those of us who have been in Lockdown for 90 days or around 3 months. We’ve done our part to both take care of our family and a role in not exposing others to the virus if one of us got it. Or, even preventing it being carried in latent form and contaminating others.

Vandalization and Robbery

But guess what. The Protestors/Vandals/Thieves Roadshow has grabbed the headlines, or at least did unless something newsworthy happens now (we’re O.D.’ing on watching people sweat on each other). What happened to COVID? It was just a background story to the peaceful protests by day and the tearing up of the city at night with vandalization and robbery. My hands are getting tired of typing in about all this so the news cycle will likely change at this point.

Silver Lining

The story seems to be swinging back to the Coronavirus. There are those of us who are curious to find out if people spitting on each other and sharing fluids for days is going to lead to more cases. True, many of the protestors were on the younger side and therefore maybe not the virus’ target demographic, but surely something will surface? If it doesn’t what have we been doing for the last 90 days? Having quality family time of course and making friends with my laptop!

Day 89: Will the NY Times & Spidey Save Us?


“The New York Times” and other neighborhood publications are fast to let it be known that there is a distinction between the peaceful protestors and those doing the looting and vandalism. Tell that to local business owners. Many of them at this point don’t care who is peaceful and who is not. All they know is that their livelihood has been ransacked. Also, despite the Mayor of New York not giving a thumbs up to the idea, reeling NYC businesses want the National Guard to come in and protect them from more destruction.

Folks Getting Sicker

And through all of it, both the press and the protestors forget that we are facing a COVID-19 pandemic. And the irony is that all of this activity involving sweaty people packed closely together is going to spread the virus even more. For those of us who have been in Lockdown for nearly three months – in our case 89 days – what did we make all this sacrifice for? Folks getting sick will go up and for what?

Who’s that Masked Man?

Needless to say it is a good idea to look at important issues. And this activity be it positive or negative has done that. But now it must stop. It is not helping our city and its people. Ask New Yorkers what their feelings are about the protestors and looters (allegedly being two different camps) and they will tell you that for the most part that they want this to end. Nor do the particularly care or give a damn that “Spider Man” is watching over them. Even with all of his so-called Spidey powers, in the final analysis he is really just a guy in a goofy suit reading “The Times.”

Day 88: Remeber When Social Distancing Was One of Our Biggest Problems?

No One To Stop It

Just when we though social distancing (see image) was going to be one of our biggest challenges, everything has been turned upside down. At this point none of us here in NYC understands what is happening including our elected city officials. Where is the leadership locally and nationally? We hear last night that a store in midtown we went to recently has been destroyed and looted. And there was one there to stop it.


How is it possible for all this chaos to happen with no protection for us regular citizens? Why the line of officers instilling fear in the wrong group? It’s the other group guys, not those doing peaceful protest which when last we checked is a right in this country. If you’re going to dress up in that scary outfit and hold menacing shields, at least do it for those who deserve it, not Americans trying to get across an important message.


We love our beautiful city but one thing happens after another to tarnish our cultural mecca. Why now? Why this unprecedented activity? And why is there no one to punish those doing it?

Day 87: Feeling Trapped in New York City

Our Beloved City

Remember that movie “Escape from New York.” We’re currently living it here in Manhattan, the twist though is that we want to find equal footing and balance in our beloved city.

A Part of Change

Most of us don’t want to escape. And we don’t even want to escape from what is happening now. Although it is too bad that there are some who are just in it to light police cars on fire, but there are also those who want to bring attention to an important topic and be a part of change.


So even though it is a bit scary right now in the Big Apple, we also believe in the positive message that is driving this cry out for transformation.

Day 86: DIYdigi Facilitates a New Type of Love

A New Type of Love

How does DIYdigi facilitate a new type of love? It is because in this new age of the Coronavirus, communication is vital, and can provide you with the tools. The DIY in DIYdigi stands for Do It Yourself and digi stands for digital, so in its form of DIYdigi, it represents “Do It Yourself Digital.

Couple with a Name

Even if you don’t read or purchase celeb publications, you’ve probably at least have heard the melding of names for a celebrity couple. For example, when Ben Affleck dated Jennifer Lopez the couple for the rags was labeled as an entity, specifically “Bennerifer.”

Do You Deserve to Be a Celebrity?

You can do this for your love as well. Do you feel like a celebrity. Do you feel your are entitled you current love interest and yourself should have a name as a couple? If this is the case then DIYdigi can help you with this.

Day 85: We Finally Got Coffee But…

Coffee Achievers

There was a question asked of us yesterday after we had put up that day’s post. The question was “Had we gotten coffee yet?” Yes we have, thanks for asking. Yesterday was the first day in a while that we were able to caffeinate. It’s a relief to be writing this now, with some sense of optimism that can come within due to that beans concoction. The java cup can actually make you an achiever, much like David Bowie in the old (and hilarious) “Coffee Achievers” TV campaign. If you’re not over 50 you probably never saw it. Look for it on YouTube. Needless to say though, coffee is actually not good for you.

Free to Destroy?

So what is the agenda for today, now that we are not falling asleep at the computer? COVID-19 of course. But, as of the last few days, this is no longer the only drama that is catching the headlines. Though, the headlines, we believe, are an outgrowth of the Coronavirus. There are fewer people outside except for those who are either protesting (which is a good thing) or pillaging (which is not a good thing). What has been up to this point a positive of the virus in that we honor the essential workers, has now taken a turn. Not being watched as much has caused people to follow their negative impulse of being free to destroy.

Processing Feelings

Obviously it is much more complicated than that. But it does bring up the scary thought that when we finally do go outside, we may not be as safe as we used to be. In New York and NYC the leadership has unfortunately turned out not to be as effective as hoped. Yes, I voted for both of them, but lately have not been happy with them. It takes a special type of leader to be able to speak to the hearts of all. It’s embarrassing to me (and surely they should be embarrassed) that city officials talking to crowds are pretending to be emotional and on the verge of crying. Can’t politicians really feel things and be able to empathize? Or is that left to those of us who don’t have that kind of power? Maybe you have to not process feelings to be able to face the challenges of getting elected? It’s all of our loss if that is true.

Day 84: Family Communication

Video Get-Together

We’ve started doing Zoom calls on both sides of our families, my wife’s and mine. The process has been interesting in that you have an amplification of family issues due to the context interaction is going on in. The interaction happens from Manhattan to California.You would think the fact that you are on camera would be inhibiting. Just the opposite has been our experience.

Setting Up Calls

It’s tough to set these calls up because you want to include everyone, but this is not always possible. And some of the calls can be a disaster.

Where Do We Go Now?

So forge ahead folks, dysfunctional or not. Because after even if you live in the big city now, they are still your family!