Day 97: Getting Closer or is there a Worse Enemy?

Safety First

In some ways we are getting closer. There are at least others with small businesses who are trying to make it so. My brother emailed me last night that I seemed to indicate things were getting better and in a way I think it is. But the problem now lies in the best practices to not be ignored. Now more than ever we need to be safe or it will all go up in smoke again.

The Start of Armageddon?

Also, this is a tough time for America with cities being upended by those opportunists who recognized a kink in the armor. What no one is talking about is the fact that this is the perfect time for not-nice folks to take over, especially young ones who are not at risk for COVID-19.

Hope I’m Wrong

Behavior that is counter productive for America has happened all over the country as a bonus feature of the protests. We are told that the bad behavior was not the demonstrators but rather a strategic underground group. We are also told that this same group is engaged in gradually taking over a city. Careful America. Something worse than a virus could be on its way. When you take your eyes off of the ball, others will play. I desperately hope I am wrong.