Day 85: We Finally Got Coffee But…

Coffee Achievers

There was a question asked of us yesterday after we had put up that day’s post. The question was “Had we gotten coffee yet?” Yes we have, thanks for asking. Yesterday was the first day in a while that we were able to caffeinate. It’s a relief to be writing this now, with some sense of optimism that can come within due to that beans concoction. The java cup can actually make you an achiever, much like David Bowie in the old (and hilarious) “Coffee Achievers” TV campaign. If you’re not over 50 you probably never saw it. Look for it on YouTube. Needless to say though, coffee is actually not good for you.

Free to Destroy?

So what is the agenda for today, now that we are not falling asleep at the computer? COVID-19 of course. But, as of the last few days, this is no longer the only drama that is catching the headlines. Though, the headlines, we believe, are an outgrowth of the Coronavirus. There are fewer people outside except for those who are either protesting (which is a good thing) or pillaging (which is not a good thing). What has been up to this point a positive of the virus in that we honor the essential workers, has now taken a turn. Not being watched as much has caused people to follow their negative impulse of being free to destroy.

Processing Feelings

Obviously it is much more complicated than that. But it does bring up the scary thought that when we finally do go outside, we may not be as safe as we used to be. In New York and NYC the leadership has unfortunately turned out not to be as effective as hoped. Yes, I voted for both of them, but lately have not been happy with them. It takes a special type of leader to be able to speak to the hearts of all. It’s embarrassing to me (and surely they should be embarrassed) that city officials talking to crowds are pretending to be emotional and on the verge of crying. Can’t politicians really feel things and be able to empathize? Or is that left to those of us who don’t have that kind of power? Maybe you have to not process feelings to be able to face the challenges of getting elected? It’s all of our loss if that is true.