Day 77: No Comment


Like the Bowie song “Fame”

One of my childhood dreams was to be the guy who says to the press: “No comment.” I don’t think it I thought of it in the context of being in a controversial situation but more as an indicator of being famous. Famous like the David Bowie song that he worked on with John Lennon.

Being an Unknown

I used to think I wanted fame too much, when in fact I ironically didn’t want it enough. If I did I would have pursued it. But now as an anonymous blogger, I reveal at times fairly personal information, but none of this applies to making me well known.

Memories from Movies

So I did what many people who sought recognition do if they didn’t get it in this lifetime. They live vicariously through others. Last night I was of course in quarantine lockdown in our apartment along with my lovely wife and our at times precocious11 year old daughter. I decided I wanted to watch a movie with my headphones on.

Falling Out of Favor

The flick I was watching is around ten years old and features a person who got his start from a thumbs up that was given to him by one of my former friends. This thumbs up got the guy who received it a well known manager which in turn lead to him becoming one of the biggest movie stars around. Though, lately he has fallen out of favor.

Receiving Death Threats

As I watched the guy in the movie and thought about what his life must have been like when making the motion picture, I became overwhelmed again affirming that I would not be able to handle fame. It’s too all encompassing¬† and you have to get used to regularly receiving death threats (true).

Check Up

I’ve been able thus far to avoid getting death threats, so I must be doing something right. I also, thankfully, haven’t had to say to the media: “No comment.”