Day 89: Will the NY Times & Spidey Save Us?


“The New York Times” and other neighborhood publications are fast to let it be known that there is a distinction between the peaceful protestors and those doing the looting and vandalism. Tell that to local business owners. Many of them at this point don’t care who is peaceful and who is not. All they know is that their livelihood has been ransacked. Also, despite the Mayor of New York not giving a thumbs up to the idea, reeling NYC businesses want the National Guard to come in and protect them from more destruction.

Folks Getting Sicker

And through all of it, both the press and the protestors forget that we are facing a COVID-19 pandemic. And the irony is that all of this activity involving sweaty people packed closely together is going to spread the virus even more. For those of us who have been in Lockdown for nearly three months – in our case 89 days – what did we make all this sacrifice for? Folks getting sick will go up and for what?

Who’s that Masked Man?

Needless to say it is a good idea to look at important issues. And this activity be it positive or negative has done that. But now it must stop. It is not helping our city and its people. Ask New Yorkers what their feelings are about the protestors and looters (allegedly being two different camps) and they will tell you that for the most part that they want this to end. Nor do the particularly care or give a damn that “Spider Man” is watching over them. Even with all of his so-called Spidey powers, in the final analysis he is really just a guy in a goofy suit reading “The Times.”