Day 70: Washing Hands for Entertainment


Washing your hands is the running gag of COVID-19. Or at least that could be a very good way to look at it because for the time being we have an ongoing love/hate relationship with water and soap. Sometimes though it really does seem ludicrous (and I’m not talking about the rapper).

Passing of Germs?

Take for example last night. It started with a simple thing to do: go downstairs and get the mail from our P.O. box in the lobby. Down the stairs I went (fearful of having to share an elevator at closer than 6 feet) and while doing so I realized I had touched the external door knob of our apartment and had just touched my leg which could have caused the passing of germs to the sweats I was wearing.

Bottoms of Shoes?

I used the key to open the box, which was another possible passing of the disease. I took out the mail, yet another potential getting germs from mail people who had handled it. I went up stairs and back into the apartment but it occurred to me that the bottom of my shoes had touched an area on the floor that we walk on barefooted.

12 Equals 5

I’m not going to bore you with more details, let’s just say that in the hour that followed, because of a sequence of possible germ transmissions, I washed my hands around 12 times which comes out to be approximately every 5 minutes. Rather than to stress out, better to laugh at the running gag.

Day 65: Always Looming

Is it Worth the Risk?

Even in times of happiness, the Coronavirus is ever looming. Today is Mother’s Day and myself and my 11 year old daughter made an animated card for my wife that we emailed to her. This is of course because we couldn’t actually go out and buy a card if we wanted to. Even though technically we are able to go purchase one, is it worth the risk?

No More Pizza?

Now as I listen to my wife and daughter in the other room, they are talking about New York pizza. My daughter is concerned that proprietors of that delicious food will go out of business. She fears that there will be no more NYC pizza available post Coronavirus.

Always Looming

Of course, none of us really know what is going to happen next. With the new statistics telling us that the amount of COVID-19 cases are contracted 66% in the home, we feel even more not at ease. It seems that the disease is always looming

Day 30: The New Wild West Out There?

 Coronavirus Nightmare

I used to scoff at the brand of thriller movie that has as its storlyline, a lot of medical people dealing with the fear of being overtaken by a particular virus. I still roll my eyes at such motion pictures despite the fact that I and my family are living the Coronavirus nightmare.

At First it Seemed Fine

Being trapped by the Coronavirus in Manhattan at the beginning was not difficult, it merely meant that you are are stuck within four walls, but that’s okay, especially if you’re an extreme introvert as I am .

The Homeless Rule the Out of Doors

But after the first 20 days or so you begin to realize it’s true that you really can’t go outside unless you want to be confronted by homeless people who say they have the Coronavirus and will cough on you if you don’t give them money.

Officers in Blue Decide to Stay Home in NYC

I think that a big thing that people are worried about right now is the belief that the situation outdoors could get even worse  due to the fact that cops are deciding to stay home on “sick leave.” The thought by some is that they are doing so  without actually having an illness .

The New Wild West

Is COVID-19 bringing on the new Wild West? If the police continue to stay home in large numbers due to fear of the virus, it will become the new Wild West out there. The police officers are paid and get generous penchants to keep us safe and not to remain at home on sick leave if they’re not actually ill. Though, they are understandably fearful, since they like all of us are only human.

Day 8: Scenarios Arise

Scenarios arise. The discovery of rooms we’ve been in that may have had someone with the virus. Or maybe not. Waiting for tests to come back. Nothing to worry about at this point but who knows. It could happen with anyone anywhere for that matter. So much free falling.

Day 4 the Creative Process

Creativity Can Be Challenging

The creative process is a funny thing. You don’t know where it is going to take you. And now with the Coronavirus things are getting even more challenging.

Working on a Video

I was working today on scripting a video spot or commercial or almost a PSA. I wanted to bring COVID-19 into it for relevance but I also didn’t want to be seen as being engaged in exploitation, so for one draft I took it out.

Out or In?

But that draft didn’t work out to well because the Coronavirus was a part of the story. It was the impetus for the problem that was being solved. So for better or worse I put it back in.

Trying to Evaporate Misery

And the hope is that the product for which the spot is being made, will help some people feel a little less miserable because of the specter in our midst.

Day 2 – Another Case at a University Near Us


Yet another case has been uncovered. It’s all a little surreal that has turned New York City upside down. We all can’t quite believe this is happening. It’s like something out of a movie. You know the one I’m talking about, a virus has hit the city and all are afraid.


Even with the the safeguards like washing your hands or not touching your face. If you go outside there are still a lot of people out there, sneezing. And when the “achoo” happens, everyone around nearby becomes stricken. They ask themselves: Is this the moment I get the CoronaVirus?” It’s a valid question, especially here in our quadrant of Manhattan.


I brought my 11 year old daughter to school on the subway train. We sat next to an father and daughter, both of whom were wearing masks. I watched the behavior of everyone in the train and in a bus on the way home. People were avoiding touching the poles by drawing their hands into their coats.


My brother and his wife were awesome. They live in California and sent us a hefty amount of Annie’s Home Grown Organic Shells & White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese (not a product mention I swear). We have a staple now in our apartment if isolation becomes necessary. Even if not, we’re going to have mac and cheese for dinner tonight. Thanks!

Stocking Up

This is something you might want to think about if you are not already doing it which is to stock up on supplies both food and necessaries including TP, paper towels and so forth.