Day 35: Bummer

A Big Disappointment

Day 35 is called “Bummer” because it is just that. Our food source is no longer. Apparently our local food store that came through so wonderfully last week, is no longer doing food delivery.

I Don’t Blame the Staff

I called them up as I did last week and asked to speak with Anna. Anna got on the phone and I asked if they were still doing food delivery. She said “no” because employees didn’t want to do it anymore and they were short staffed.

Can’t Find Alternatives

So what are we going to do? My wife is the one who usually goes to the store but I don’t want her to have to do that with the virus looming everywhere. At this moment we have no answer. And that’s the Coronavirus at  work in Manhattan which is why we call this bog Manhattan Coronavirus.

Day 25: It’s Getting Very REAL

The shelves of local food establishments are bare as is delivery online.


No Scheduling

Yes, each day reveals its obstacles as things get more and more challenging. For example I attempted to order food at, and In each one I filled a cart but then when it became time to check out, there were no available time slots. Literally every single possibility on every single schedule was nil.

Searching Locally

This morning I tried calling a local food store that allegedly was taking orders for delivery but the number after ringing 10 or 11 times revealed that the mail box had not been set up yet. Thankfully we have lots of dry lentils and some canned goods so we’re good for the next week or so to hopefully finally get a delivery reservation.

Will Follow All Leads

Also today, I attempted to get my carts of all food vendors through to scheduling yet again but to no avail. Additionally,, forget it,, forget it, store in the Bronx, forget it again, etc.