Day 87: Feeling Trapped in New York City

Our Beloved City

Remember that movie “Escape from New York.” We’re currently living it here in Manhattan, the twist though is that we want to find equal footing and balance in our beloved city.

A Part of Change

Most of us don’t want to escape. And we don’t even want to escape from what is happening now. Although it is too bad that there are some who are just in it to light police cars on fire, but there are also those who want to bring attention to an important topic and be a part of change.


So even though it is a bit scary right now in the Big Apple, we also believe in the positive message that is driving this cry out for transformation.

Day 68: The Zen of the Virus

Easing Isolation?

Can meditation help us get through this time? How about the kind of food we eat. Yoga anyone? Many folks are looking for “The Zen of the Virus.” What will it take to make the days of isolation more easy?


There are many thoughts about this. Some believe that whole new industries will develop to get in touch with the Zen of the virus. Some of which may be “New Age” and others that are not. Solutions of the mind, body and spirit.

Is it How You Sit?

But in the meantime, there’s nothing quite like sitting cross legged and doing what you need to do for the day. That’s what we do every time we sit in front of our computer creating this blog. How about you?

Day 64: When I’m 64

Getting Older

So we have now arrived at Day 64 which means we have been indoors for over 2 months. Just 3 months ago I would have never believed that this is where my family and I would be now. Like the Beatles song I just hope this won’t keep happening until I’m 64 which comparatively isn’t all that far off as ages go.

Looking for the Good

Some may say this has been a Godsend in terms of creativity. I’ve had a chance to explore creativity in depth in a way that I never have before. So with every setback comes a silver lining if you look for it. Some say “Everything happens for a reason,” which as I have mentioned, even if you don’t believe in it spiritually, it can just be a good thing to live by because if you think that way you’ll always be looking for the good.

Idealistic Again?

So now I am moving forward with a degree of optimism. Don’t get me wrong, for those who know me I am still the cranky pessimist, but paranoia aside, my pessimism can be turned on its head and become idealism again, all these years later.