Day 69: Talking Remotely with Other Mask People

What are We Looking for?

We are all of us mask people of one kind or another. For some of us it has taken a long time to get our masks because they were either sold out or not what we were looking for.

Your Passion

But now we have our masks so we are focusing at this point on communicating with other mask people through our phones, laptop or iPad. Even when you are in lockdown with your family, one can get lonely for a connection that is related to that person’s passion.

Artisticpreneur Communication

Such is as it is with the arts. If you are an artist of some kind you have an innate need for collaboration with other artisticpreneurs. Your device is a great way to communicate with others, masked or unmasked.

Day 42: Masks for Everyone

Where’s the Leadership?

Continuing thoughts about medical masks again asks the essential questions of where are we supposed to get these things? There is a heavy push by our governor here in New York to wear this protective gear but no leadership on how to get them.

When are they Coming?

Yesterday we ranted a bit about this and revealed we have ordered some, homemade ones that is. Who knows if these are going to be any good and the jury is out as to when we are going to receive them. Actually knowing when our masks are coming is not to be known by the vendor we bought from. This is the price we have had to pay for actually getting any.

Hope is all We Have

As mentioned yesterday, getting these protective covers is not easy. We hope to get ours in the next few days.