Day 59: Thanks to Those in the Medical Profession

A Time of Need

We’ve used this blog as a way to rant on the downsides of experiencing a world brought to its knees by the Coronavirus, but the truth of the matter is that it is a time of heroics. Those in the medical profession have gone beyond in the way that they have helped in this time of need.

Noise Makers Make Special Noise

Last night at 7:00pm I was on the phone and hadn’t noticed the time. And then, while I was speaking to the person on the phone, my wife burst into the room with two noise makers left over from when she and my daughter had used them to cheer me on at my recent grad school graduation.

An Homage to those in the Medical Profession

It was at the moment my wife started making the noise makers make noise and all the others in our neighborhood beeped their car horns and made whooping noises, I came into focus regarding the incredible sacrifices those in the medical profession make that enables others to live. Those in the medical profession literally put their lives at risk to help others survive. Thanks to those in the medical profession!

Day 57: A TP Miracle

Mining for Gold

Gold in these times is TP. No one has it. Where do you get it? What are you going to do if you live in the city and run out of it?

Trapped in a Metropolis

All joking aside, these are some pretty important questions, especially if you don’t have a forest in your backyard where you can dig a hole and use leaves to wipe.

Thank You Lord

That’s why it is all the more impressive what happened with our local food source yesterday. I went ahead and ordered the desired commodity as I always do, not really expecting a result. But this time something did occur and it was nothing short of a TP Miracle. Our food source hooked us up with 12 rolls!