Day 22: It’s Not Just Humans Anymore

Our furry friends will never be looked at the same way again.

Day 22 Revelation

I was out minding my own business in our condo lobby, frightening an old person in mask because I moved 5 1/2 feet away from him rather than the recommended 6 as I headed to the mail box. He looked genuinely terrified and scurried into the abyss. Once getting the latest correspondence which was primarily doctor’s bills, it happened…

Cute, “Petable” and Deadly?

As a gentleman stepped out of a nearby door, his tiny poodle ran up to me immediately having his way with my leg in up and down motions. I let out a sound of disapproval and pulled myself free of the toy dog. My first though was that he had potentially left some COVID-19 germs on my pants which I could potentially  get on my hands if I scratched my shin.

Is it a “Thing” with Me?

Scratching below the knee is not a “thing” with me, I’m more of a, unfortunately in these Coronavirus times,’ one who touches his face. The cannine made a whining sound and scurried back to the owner.

Later I was Laughed At

Once returning home with the mail and and washing my hands thoroughly, I told my tale to my wife. She chuckled and stated emphatically that pets don’t get the virus. But now, less than 24 hours later, I am vindicated. Pets R 2.