Day 74: Empty Manhattan


It’s strange to see the city now. I only see it from pictures because I have been staying indoors for 74 days. But when I do see images I do get emotional. Our beautiful city, full of vibrant people including businesses, artists and educators, has changed. New York indeed will be different from this point on. Even as the lockdown gets closer to being ended, Manhattan will never be the same again. This greatest city in the world (I’m biased) will always have the memory of this time and will have learned from it.


What has NYC been learning? That you can’t take things for granted anymore. There are a great many people, including myself, who believed that New York was invulnerable, that nothing could hurt it. But the city has been hurt as those we love pass away before our eyes. But as New Yorkers in some ways this doubles our motivation to bring the city to its highest greatness. Many have left us because of the disease, but we will be stronger as we keep their memories alive.

Greatest City

Innovation is already at work in this wonderful city to utilize work-arounds for new ways of running businesses post Manhattan Coronavirus. It’s a new way of doing the day to day, more protected buy our artists and businesses recognize the need for the new. Every day some new approach is revealed in the news including making use of Zoom in a creative way. New York City’s photographers shooting photos remotely, businesses coming up with Corona safe ways to solve your problems and even performers still making art but doing so remotely. It’s just a matter of time before the city is on its feet and being the greatest city in the world that it is.