Day 41: I Want Spock’s Medical Mask

Where to Find a Mask?

Where do you get a medical mask? It’s a good question. They are indeed hard to get and we still need 3. One for my 11 year old daughter, one for my wife and 1 for me. We ordered some about a week ago from a craft’s website because they have proven to be impossible to find anywhere else. Meanwhile I just had to go downstairs to the lobby with my scarf wrapped around my mouth.

The Problem

You would think that on one of the largest online stores you could find one but you cannot. All that is up there are companies, probably overseas, that are going to take 2 – 3 months to get anything to you and will likely be poor quality anyhow. So why was there some street art that featured Leonard Nimoy’s character with a mask?

I Want His Mask

Sadly Nimoy is no longer with us which makes it disturbing that he so readily has the desired article. Hence, I want want Spock’s mask. And since there are 3 of us, Captain Kirk’s and Sulu’s too.