Day 52: Coronavirus Still Strong

Gratitude in Attitude

In New York the virus is still strong whereas in other parts of the country it is more manageable. 52 days of being inside and not going out has been easier than we expected in our family consisting of me, my wife and our 11 year old daughter. We all get along very well and enjoy each others’ company. I imagine that there are some whose scenarios are not so peachy. So I feel very grateful for what we have.

More Gratitude

My brother and his wife were very kind and offered to send us Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds liquid detergent which was much appreciated. This detergent is multipurpose  which could be useful when being required to stay inside. It is important to have resources that fit the need and if possible, have a couple different functions because of limited space.

Surviving the Virus

And speaking of limited space, my wife and daughter were focused yesterday on a major cleanup of my daughter’s room. My daughter still has toys from when she was very young so there was a lot of stuff to get rid of. I meanwhile washed dishes, did the laundry and other weekend activities. The Coronavirus may be still strong here in Manhattan, but we are very fortunate having each other which makes beating it a lot easier.

Day 47: Making Friends with Digital

At Least Staying in Touch

Are you friends with digital? This is an important time to be. This means working with customers in the midst of a pandemic. Can you adapt now, even if digital didn’t play much a role in your business prior to this? Are there ways to integrate digital more, even if it just means staying in touch with customers so they are hopefully there when this is all over?


Chances are you have more time now than before. How can you use this time to reinvent what you do? First look at the service you provide and why your customers need it. Then figure out a possible way that some of that need can be fulfilled digitally.

A New Direction

Can you act on your new direction now, without having to wait until the Coronavirus becomes manageable?  Do you need the help of someone else to help you do this? How can you be in touch with this person? Food for thought in a digital world.


Day 46: Trapped in the Pandemic with a Toothache

A Major Problem?

A scare that I experienced yesterday afternoon was that I thought I had a growing toothache. The reason that such a thing is so frightening is that if it does turn into a full blown throbbing and very painful situation, what is one to do? I had been very disappointed with my regular dentist when this person had overcharged me for working on the exact same tooth that could have developed into a major problem.


I had switched dentists a few years back for the exact same issue which was the overcharging, far beyond what insurance coverage had paid. Dentists can sometimes get very greedy and not only pocket what was a fair amount from insurance, but to then charge the patient a thousand dollars or so. A thousand dollars is a lot of money to me and was the amount I’ve faced having to pay as a patient.

Throbbing Pain

But what was so frightening about having a possible major tooth scare in a pandemic? Imagine this: having to have a tooth removed or fixing of a tooth when the mere thought of standing closer then 6 feet near a person is terrifying, let alone it being someone like a dentist who is working with many different people therefore upping the odds that they had been exposed to COVID-19. And in an intense situation we are in which is the cutting off of all types of services compounded the incident. Thankfully the tooth stopped throbbing with pain. At least for the moment.

Day 44: No Need to Jump

Yesterday was a Different Day

Yesterday you may have noticed was filled with angst and sadness. Today is a better day thank goodness. Not all out of the woods but at least I won’t be jumping off of a building in the near future.

They Don’t Care

It’s a lot to be violated when you have the best of intentions and held your breath as a took a step. Unfortunately not everyone’s radar is able to see this. Also, just because this is a time of hopefully of unification in the face of adversity, there are still a lot of bozos out there.

They are in Pain Themselves

Can a movement forward be Bozo Proof? The answer is “No.” You have to have enough confidence that if you encounter a Dweeb you can say “Hello” and respond to their nastiness with an upbeat understanding response (yes, you mus appear as empathetic toward Knuckleheads). So now that you have the steps, are you up for the ride?

Day 34: The Bright Side

Family Time

There are many downsides to being trapped in my apartment in the greatest city of the world. There are upsides though. Most importantly, it gives me more time to spend with my family.

Creative Projects

Another perk is being able to work on my eBook. I was able to finish writing it quicker, plus it looks like it is going to be published on the web.

Seeing the Sunlight

Finally, I’ve learned something about myself. By my very nature I am a shut-in, but not being able to go outside and walk in the park makes walking in the park more appealing. Am I on the fast track to being an extrovert? Absolutely not. But even introverts like to see sunlight now and then.

Day 10: Lock Down?

We’re in the double digits now and deeper in than ever before. I’m sure that fans of filmmaker John Carpenter have started to think about that certain film (“Escape from New York”), especially now after the announcement today that serious consideration is being given to the idea of a lock down of Manhattan. Aren’t you glad you read “Manhattan Coronavirus” which means you get journal entries directly from within Manhattan? Our entries may be short but we do our best to give you the “feel” of the experience. The feel right now is concern with basic survival. What are we going to do if there is a lock down and no one is allowed on the streets? Will we be able to get food deliveries? Will certain people be allowed to stay outdoors?