Day 31: Thank Goodness for the Laptop

Mind Off of Things

One of the main things, other then virtual meetings with family and friends, that keeps me going is my laptop. It continues to be my doorway into sanity. Even reading articles that paint a depressing picture of what’s going on with the Coronavirus is far better having access to, instead of not knowing what is going on. It is also a way to keep working with clients despite the potentially deadly world outside.

Dual Purpose Technology

And I’m not the only one who uses a laptop in the family, My wife uses a laptop for both news and work also, as does my daughter. Her Chromebook is for distance learning and her Lenovo is for improving her Minecraft skilles and and other activities. She even has an iPad which is for her internet experiments and entertainment.

Coalition Catch-Up

One of my pet projects with the laptop is catching up on website updating of our Blog Coalition. As of this writing, the Coalition has grown to an amazing 47 blogs, each blog serving a different purpose. The publication you are reading right now is a blog that is a part of the group.

Opening the Doors

Work itself keeps me going as it is something that is engaging in these trying times. I’m even prospecting during COVID-19. It requires a very different approach due to the circumstances, but with a little innovation the doors can open.