Day 66: Are We Any Closer?

A Positive Spin

Does anyone in government actually know what they are doing in terms of the virus? It doesn’t seem so, because scientists are not any closer to a cure than they were three months ago. It is still a total mystery. And yet city officials as well as those at every level, are trying to put a positive spin on things.

No One Knows

We do not blame officials for wanting to be positive and helpful. But we hope this is not being done in a way that has put citizens more at risk. And this is likely happening because no one really knows what they are doing because no one knows.

How Many People Have to Die?

And still the wheel turn. I guess what else are they going to do? No one really knows anything about COVID-19 except that it is very contagious and people are dying from it. My family has been homebound for over two months. Our neighborhood is full of people not wearing masks and not keeping social distance. How many people are going to have to die before more care is put into protecting people at risk. Are we any closer?

Day 37: Lock-Down Creativity

So Much Time

It’s Easter and you’re not hearing it here first, others have commented on this as well, but with lock-down can come creativity. That’s what we experience part of the time at least: being creative now with so much time.

Working Days

With extra time can come creativity, and extra time is indeed something we are experiencing. Hours upon hours that might not have been available are now available every working day.

Finding Time

When I was a kid, I didn’t realize how very much Easter, Christmas and Halloween were in fact religious holidays that not all people celebrated. And this being Easter, out of respect of those who celebrate it (my in-laws) I’m giving it a nod. And yest, on today, this particular Easter, I am finding time to be creative.

Day 26: The Art of the Virus

Did Someone Say Art?

We live in a Coronavirus world, no matter where you are in the globe or this country, chances are COVID-19 has impacted your life in a negative way. But what are the positives? Can there be such a thing at “The Art of the Virus.”

Looking at Things Differently

As creative creators ourselves we say a resounding “Yes.” What do we mean by the phrase “The Art of the Virus?” We mean that if you are creative (and everyone is) then you have the option to convert the negativity of the Coronavirus to “The Art of the Virus” by looking at things from a creative aspect.

From Your Experience

Take for instance this journal website. Anyone could do one “Yes?” You don’t have to be a genius “Right?” We believe “Yes” and “Right.” All you need to do is to technically set up a blog and then write from your experience. That is an act of “The Art of the Virus.”

Convert It

In other words, convert fear of the virus into some kind of project that can lead to having the revelation that you’re okay. Yes, this is something all of us did not anticipate, so make that feeling of being on the edge into something artistic.

Do What You’re Passionate About

Draw, dance, sculpt, act and more. Whatever your passion is. Do it whether you’re in a small apartment or a large mansion. Be grateful for what you have, including family and friends. Show this gratitude by engaging in “The Art of the Virus.” Heck, maybe you’ll even create the next Mona Lisa.