Day 38: Use Those Hands for More than Washing at 7:00pm

Wash Those Hands

So, as you may know we are in Manhattan, NY and due to a strategy to avoid getting the Coronavirus, we stay indoors in our energized neighborhood. That’s why this journal is called “Manhattan Coronavirus,” where there is a lot of talk about washing those hands.

What We Do Every Evening at 7:00pm

We have a good use for those clean hands. As you may know at 7:00pm here in Manhattan, NY hands are used for clapping as well as to clank pots accompanied by spirited yelping.

A Tradition

It’s a really nice tradition that my family in lock-down in our apartment participates in. We clap. We use spoons to pound on our pans as does the rest of the neighborhood simultaneously that can be heard above the urban sounds. Why?

Why All This Effort to Celebrate Every Evening at 7PM?

It’s our way of letting essential workers such as those in health care know that we appreciate what they are doing for us. They are risking their own health in this pandemic and are greatly appreciated. It is a trend that has been named #ClapBecauseWeCare.