Manhattan Coronavirus and How it Impacted Startup Introverts in an Unexpected Way

A Time of Opportunity for Startup Introverts

The Manhattan Coronavirus here in New York has been devastating with the loss of Manhattanites, old and young. Our thoughts go out to those who have lost a loved one through this difficult series of variants. When we (New Yorker Startup Introverts) became aware of COVID, we immediately did what everyone else did. Stay indoors out of the way of anyone who might have COVID and could give it to you. At first, we New Yorker Introverts did not think anything much about COVID when we first heard about. This was because there were only a couple of people who had caught the virus. But even after the Coronavirus was going strong, Manhattanites thought that soon there would be a “Coronavirus After.” That was a little less than a year ago, and as of this writing there is talk of yet another shot.

A Difference in the Indoor Pandemic Experience

Americans, in order to be safe, began to stay indoors as we did. For many people this was devastating, meaning they felt claustrophobic and caged in. Most of these people were extraverts, which makes sense because extraverts often need to be loud and active, interacting with people, and getting their energy that way. But on the other hand, introverts did not have the same take as that of the “caged extraverts.” For introverts this was the time of opportunity. Many Extraverts who had “in-person” businesses either took it hard or had to close down entirely. But again, the Startup Introverts walked a different path. One that on some occasions lead them to gold.

Startup Introverts Versus Business Extraverts

Yes, for individuals like us, Startup Introverts, unexpectedly had an edge over some of the businesses run by extraverts. We feel the pain of our Extravert aquatints who had to shut those doors. It was devastating for them because their entire business was about interacting with customers in the same room, helping them to select products and services. On the other hand, we the Startup Introverts are basically loners. And the thing that lets us continue to work but not having to be in-person, are our phones and other devices. Most of us either had a remote gig or had our own business. We are quiet webpreneurs.

A Different Take on Staying Indoors

The Startup Introvert saw the potential of growing a business and making a difference, all online! While extraverts were ready to lose their minds because of having to be cooped up in their apartments, day after day, week after week, month after month. On the other hand, we Startup Introverts actually enjoyed being shut in. Startup Introverts like to stay indoors and have solitude, as well as very close friends and family members they trust. So, while extraverts kept pulling their hair out, during the Manhattan Coronavirus, Startup Introverts were very productive.

The Manhattan Coronavirus is a Serious Force Hurting Many New Yorkers

To be clear though, COVID is no laughing matter and made people ill and in some cases, even took lives. But the staying indoors component was for some introverts a dream come true. We knew that working remotely during the Pandemic was a good thing, because our businesses were digital and “remote” already. And businesses that did not have an online plan, were desperate for fear of losing their businesses due to lack of opportunity for in-person interactions with customers.

Day 48: The Struggle With Work

The Customer is Always Right

There is not only the psychological structure of 48 days of not stepping outside, but also the struggle of work. A client dumped a bunch of stuff on my lap last night and I had to grin and bear it. I had never agreed to do the work for the compensation given, but he thought I had. And the customer is always right.

You Are Lucky

There is a bit of a stigma that that the Coronavirus brings to the table. The expectation is that you will do whatever you must do to please those who pay you. Granted there are true tales of woe regarding being without employment and my situation is nowhere close to it, but it is interesting to note the attitude that you sometimes get. It’s as though they are subliminally saying: “Do it, you’re lucky to have it,” and that is true.

Watch Out for that Rug

And speaking of work, it’s alarming to see these back to work plans. There is no thought being put into the virus coming back as strong as ever. Instead, a constituency must be pleased. Playing into the happy dreams of others only to pull the rug from beneath them once they have voted “yes.”

Day 33: It Changes the Plans of Many

More Stressors than Normal for Your Wedding

America is in the grips of COVID-19 and it is changing the plans of many. Think of if you had plans to get married in May. What now? What are you going to do?

Will You Do it Virtually?

Will you have a Zoom wedding with all participants dressed up while broadcasting from their homes. What about your marriage license? Is the government working with you on this one?

How has it Changed You?

And marriage is just one thing. The others are on lists too long to type up. In fact, just about anything you can think of has been changed in some way due to the Coronavirus. How has it impacted YOU. We’d love to hear from you on this topic.