Day 62: We are the NYC Squad

Overcoming Obstacles

We are the NYC Squad. Despite the spread of COVID-19 we keep moving forward in our businesses. Many of us have had to reinvent ourselves to stay afloat, others were not so lucky. They discovered that the reinvention of themselves wasn’t possible. This was mostly businesses that had as their primary component the need to have the customer or client physically in the same room as them.

Luck Can Be Made

But the Squad is spreading the message that digital transformation is possible. At least some aspects are anyway. As the NYC Squad we are spreading the message for businesses to help businesses. To lend their knowledge and feedback to others not so lucky as themselves.

We are Stronger Together

Businesses helping businesses is that way it should be and would certainly assist in having all businesses becoming healthy again. You see, the Coronavirus was contagious not just with our physical health but also that of our business health. When we help others we are, all of us, the USA Squad.

Day 61: Your Phone is Everything

Pull Out Your Phone

Thank goodness for the phone. If we did not have them, keeping our heads on our shoulders straight would be a lot more difficult. But with the phone we can make contact with others. In fact, our phones are not only the key to our communication, but they are our entertainment means as well. Watching moves on our phones, playing games on our phones, even dating on our phones.

Losing Touch?

Does this mean we are losing touch with reality? Well, one thing for certain this reality is a much different one than 100 years ago, so in that sense we are losing touch with one reality while getting into contact with another one.

Accessing Communication

Our new reality of phone consciousness is that all things involving communication can be accessed. Need to solve a business problem? Pull out your phone. Want to solve a personal issue? Pull out your phone. There is very little that can’t be done with our phone. Some say our phones are everything.

Day 3 – Workers are Moving Toward Working Remotely

Remote Workers

The Coronavirus is causing the movement toward workers working remotely in their own homes. This is happening as a shift by large companies with thousands of employees. The good news is that if you’re a vendor who’s business can be acquired through purely online means, you are likely to see a bump in growth.

The Virtual Economy

The virtual economy is taking hold. If you are not a part of the virtual economy you need to become a member now or you’ll be left behind.

Start Now Before it’s too Late

Don’t wait. This is the perfect moment to jump on an undervalued trend: your digital product or service. Don’t have a digital product or service yet? No problem. When you sign up for the USA HOW TO .com newsletter you will get ideas on how to get new customers each week, usually on Thursday.

Realities of Working from Home

My wife was sick yesterday so she stayed home and did her work remotely. She found it challenging, especially the noise. Someone was doing construction in an adjoining apartment. Also, she missed some of the equipment she had access to in her office such as two monitors. They key is understanding what your home needs are and acting on proactively in terms of getting them.