Day 49: Washing Hands and Washing Again

The Washing of Hands Process

Life in lock-down seems to be a continual montage of washing hands. Washing hands after you get up in the morning. Washing hands when you go to the lobby to get mail and packages, washing hands before and after you eat and so on. The sound of scrubbing is the sound of washing hands throughout. My guess is, that at least in my family, even after the Coronavirus subsides some, washing hands will become something we do more of.

Where’s the Soap?

Washing hands all the time makes soap an important thing. And because there is still rationing going on, one hopes for getting soap in the next grocery delivery. Will the person delivering the items contaminate us? Should we be washing all grocery items, even those in boxes and contained in plastic? God forbid we forget to order soap with our groceries, will we make it to the next delivery with what little soap we still have?

More than Just Washing Our Hands?

And every moment of every day that washing of hands can be a part of a scary thing. Did we touch the mail with more than just our hands? Will what we are wearing become contaminated brushing a package against our pants leg while bringing it upstairs? When are we getting our medical masks in the mail? Is wearing a scarf over our face for now enough? If we need to use the scarf consecutively twice, is the scarf now transferring COVID-19 to us? Is washing our hands in and of its own enough or should we now up the precaution by taking a shower?