Community Marketing and COVID

Happier Times Ahead

Manhattan Corona Virus

At first, we, here in the Big Apple, we initially referred to the cause of the pandemic being the (Manhattan) Coronavirus. And now after a couple of years from when this challenge first appeared, even though in some way things are getting back to “Normal,” we are all still licking our wounds as consumers. And some of the shopping habits that changed during COV are maybe here to stay, or at least have remained

Much Learned from COVID About Consumers and Alternative Ways to Reach Them

The computer/phones were key, providing a new and digital way to order provisions and more. eCommerce for some went through the roof. Others who were unable to make the digital transformation, stayed behind and either took a big hit, or lost their business forever.

The Tragic Impact of the Virus

Sadly, many small businesses went out of business because of not being able to afford looking into what digitally could work for them, which they needed as pre-COVID, in-person based companies. This was especially tough for places like hair salons and gyms that required the customer to get their haircuts and workout.

Some Survived Others Did Not

Some salons offered hair products to be sent to homes of customers, plus , there were gyms that did programs that did live streaming video physical fitness.

Another Strategy that Seems to Have Worked

It goes without saying that successful businesses have empathy for their customers. This sense of them understanding “Us” and taking customers figuratively by the hand calming them down and with vitality describing how everything thing was going to be okay, with coinciding alternative ways to achieve beauty, being fit and so on.

Some Dropped the Ball

Especially in small businesses, it was challenging for these companies to understand how they could possibly continue to be in business since doing business as they had learned to do it, had to be reimagined. This is not easy for many to do without the right consulting and resources

Inexpensive and Free Technology Helped Many

Being able to access streaming video communication systems for pennies or even at no cost, proved very helpful to many business owners. There were able to interact with their customers via these systems and apps. Much had changed in terms of the high level of interactivity that was now very available.

Pushing Forward

The “Consumer Revolution” helped Provide Pivot Digital Tools

We call it the “Consumer Revolution” when it comes to the digital domain and technology in general. Had COVID happened even just five years earlier, many businesses would have had to close, but instead with access to communication tools were able to keep their customer base communication a success.

Another Big Plus for Businesses that Survived

The businesses that had taken to time to get customer emails via offering a regularly delivered “Newsletter” that had value in it not just about promotions, but provided useful tips, tricks and other information. The businesses that had already engaged their customers technologically, survived.

Lessons Learned

Those businesses that had contact and communication information for their customers had a much better chance at survival. Needless to say this is why developing relationships with customers/clients is vital to success!