Day 100: Thanks for Going on this Journey with Us

Writing About the Experience

Hello on Day 100. Be well. Our beloved Manhattan is still largely empty outside. Even in Times Square where we used to live. Thanks for going on this journey with us. Clearly it is not over yet but our daily blogging for this website is. Your support has meant a lot and has inspired us to continue documenting our lives, sometimes while living through challenging times. A special thank you goes out to my brother and his wife for their interest and kind words, Our goal all along has been to develop communication. We have tried to create communication through sharing our tale. This is something that many New Yorkers have lived through (and continue to live through) and therefore our story can be very much like theirs, though not all have been writing about the experience.

Watching Coverage from Both Sides

And of course just because on Day 100 we are calling quits the daily documentation, it by no means is over. We are still staying in lockdown mode even though things have been “easing.” The truth is that many in Manhattan continue to ignore the social distancing, wearing of masks and washing hands frequently. Also, out of the threat of the virus has evolved another kind of threat. The threat of having to choose sides. Our country is divided and there is nothing in between. They say you are on one side or the other. And yet we do not feel this, which puts us at risk from both sides. It is implied that if you don’t pick one approach or the other, both sides will come after you. Admittedly I watch both CNN and MSNBC (so called “Left” Democrats) AS WELL AS Fox News (supposedly just conservative Republicans).

One Point of View or the Other

Frankly I don’t approve of what either side is doing. Both are all about an “us” or “them” mentality. This is going to be a big problem moving forward for us because you are not allowed to agree with some of the principles from BOTH sides. As well as  NOT agreeing with many of the “values” from BOTH sides. The concept of true bipartisanship simply does not exist anymore. And yet, that is what myself and my clan believe in. Stepping outside of our apartment is going to mean we shall be constantly tested by others so they can discover our alliance. We are going to have many negative and possibly even violent experiences because you can’t be for all people. It is required you be one point of view or the other.

The Rage Continues to Grow

In our apartment we hear the sounds of outside: loud fireworks and firecrackers being set off at 1:00am, angry rap music and honking. The so called agreement for both sides is a belief there are bad apple cops. The Republicans’ denouncement of tainted officers comes across as being them trying to ensure votes for the next reelection they encounter. And the democrats aren’t even attempting to find some common ground. They are committed to their beliefs and angrily adhere to their own point of view. It is a civil war of ideas and actions. On Day 100 the “New Normal” when we were just talking about COVID-19 was one thing, but now it is even tougher to define than ever. No budging from either side. Violence from looters and vandals (alongside peaceful protesting) from the left and violence  including tear gas from the right. We are in the middle. Does that mean violence toward us from both sides? Or can we actually be a part of a solution? I am afraid for my family finding out as we move closer to going outside. My wife wants to try to go outside today. I am going to attempt to talk her out of it. There is too much wrong with the world (let alone our neighborhood) here on Day 100. We may be stopping the daily reports for this blog, but the rage outside continues to grow. Goodbye on Day 100. Be well. Our beloved Manhattan is largely empty outside. Even in Times Square where we used to live. Thanks for going on this journey with us. Clearly it is not over yet. That said, I have to go do the laundry. It’s early enough that I may get the washer and dryer I like most.