Day 18: Your Hands Can Be Your Undoing

Clean, clean, clean and clean again.

Be Careful

Our hands can be our undoing. They tell us not to touch our faces which turns out to be more difficult than one would think. I found my finger scratching my cheek on a few occasions while in potentially dangerous environments.

Even in Pre-Coronavirus Days They no Longer Delivered to the Door

I just scratched my nose while typing this. But my hands have been washed thoroughly within the last 20 minutes. I had gone down the stairs to pick up yet another package and came back up with it.

Doing What is Necessary

My paws had to be rinsed. This activity seemed to be ever the more important because of an email my brother sent me. He had seen a prior post on this blog and had noted I was in the habit of picking up parcels in the lobby. He scolded me about being seemingly lax in my COVID-19 protocol. We are in New York after all and according to recent stats, at the moment Manhattan is the worst city ever to be in because of having the highest numbers.

An Escape Plan?

My sister suggested leaving the Big Apple and renting a bungalow in the Hamptons until this thing blows over. Right now we couldn’t even leave NYC if we wanted to. And all because of people itching their mugs.