Day 21: Would You Accept a Mask from Her?

“Hello. Would you like a mask?

Question of the Moment

Okay, the question of the moment is “Would you accept a mask from her?” It’s time for COVID-19 101. The answer clearly is a resounding NO.

There’s a Term

Do you know why? On the surface it seems she is being sweet. Caring enough about another human being (you) that she is handing you something to put on your FACE. That’s right, face. And note the term HANDing. H-A-N-D. Her hand is all over it.

Does Anyone Really Know?

Let’s say you discovered that she has the Coronavirus and is touching something to protect you from getting sick. Doesn’t make sense does it? And for that matter you DON’T know whether she has the virus or not do you? In fact, she could have COVID-19 and not even know it herself yet.