Day 23: Virtual Takes Over

Out of My Comfort Zone

I wouldn’t say I’m the most sociable person, in fact, I’m quite the opposite. I am extremely introverted. But even I, whether I want to or not, am experiencing the virtual event takeover. Yesterday I was invited to a virtual tea party, today I had a virtual feedback session and on Thursday I’m going to attend a virtual club meeting that is going to include a celeb.

Hiding Behind Fog

The irony of all of this social activity is that the camera of my laptop, due to it having a postage stamp over it, has left adhesive on it so I am a blur to the eyes of whoever I am corresponding with.

What Happens When the Time Period Ends?

It’s amazing how quickly everyone has adapted to this way of life. When the time comes that this is all over, will virtual continue as a thing? Probably not with this intensity, but it surely will be more often employed than pre-COVID-19.