Day 27: Food is Finally Accessed

On the Hunt

On the bright side food was finally accessed for myself and my family later in the day yesterday. The 10 or so online majors in the world of grocery delivery were no help at all. All time slots were booked and there was no way to get food. I must admit I was quite worried for a while. I felt like a cave person who was on the desperate hunt for provisions but bearing no fruit.

A Local Surprise

Finally I landed a way to get grub: local grocery store delivery. In many ways I’ve written off our local supermarkets because they are not customer centered. But I have to say, one grocer in particular was really terrific. They took your list and soon thereafter you received your groceries at your door. I would use them again. Hopefully their good work will continue.

Online Interaction

And speaking of staples. Zoom has become one in these Coronavirus times to bring people together. Last night on a call of a group I am a member of, we had as our Zoom guest someone who is not only well known in our industry, but is quite famous world wide with the general public. The communication session lasted for two hours and I found hearing about this person’s process to be quite interesting.

Art Imitates Life

This person did everything right: took an interest in everything that was experienced in life and then converted it to art. This person was also very driven due to passion. Hard work on presentations again and again facilitated  taking it to the next level and then the next and then the next and on and on.


I am an extreme introvert but find Zoom a form of interaction that is more comfortable than in person contact. The silver lining for introverts in these very tough times, it that the circumstances of the lock down has created a lifestyle we are used to.