Day 3 – Workers are Moving Toward Working Remotely

Remote Workers

The Coronavirus is causing the movement toward workers working remotely in their own homes. This is happening as a shift by large companies with thousands of employees. The good news is that if you’re a vendor who’s business can be acquired through purely online means, you are likely to see a bump in growth.

The Virtual Economy

The virtual economy is taking hold. If you are not a part of the virtual economy you need to become a member now or you’ll be left behind.

Start Now Before it’s too Late

Don’t wait. This is the perfect moment to jump on an undervalued trend: your digital product or service. Don’t have a digital product or service yet? No problem. When you sign up for the USA HOW TO .com newsletter you will get ideas on how to get new customers each week, usually on Thursday.

Realities of Working from Home

My wife was sick yesterday so she stayed home and did her work remotely. She found it challenging, especially the noise. Someone was doing construction in an adjoining apartment. Also, she missed some of the equipment she had access to in her office such as two monitors. They key is understanding what your home needs are and acting on proactively in terms of getting them.