Day 32: Mask? Where’s the Mask?

Question of Who Really Needs One

Yeah, it’s tough trying to get one of those medical masks. At first they were telling us we didn’t need one. It was only for medical folks for whom having one was very important. Therefore were told that we should not get a mask because it would be taking one from someone who really needed it.

Now Required to Stop Spread of COVID-19

Then they told us that those with the Coronavirus should have one so the disease would not be spread.

Those Needing Masks Changes Yet Again

And now all of sudden we, the people, need face covering.

In Short Supply

Have you tried getting one of these masks? Good luck with that. You go on Amazon and see a bunch of questionable ones that get negative reviews and will take months to get to you presumably coming from overseas. Who has time for that? And they probably suck anyway.

Why Not Make Masks?

So why isn’t Amazon doing this themselves? It’s going be a boon if they were to. My guess is that maybe they’re avoiding lawsuits? That someone might get one of their masks and then get sick, bringing into question was Amazon’s mask to blame?

Alternatives are Not Working

Whatever is the reason I am tired of having my family having to wear winter scarves over their face as protection. What do you do?