Day 40: Did the Food Come?

A Question

A question we’ve been asked recently is “Did the food come on Tuesday (yesterday)? This is an important question because we are in the middle of an intense pandemic here in Manhattan, NY, the Big Apple that all of us are squashed together on. And due to incredibly high demand, there are only so many resources to go around.


It was a panic for us yesterday wondering if the food was going to be delivered or not. We had ordered online but other than an automatically generated confirmation that our order had been received, we had no way of knowing if the food was actually going to come. Calling them did no good because not only did they not answer their phone but they didn’t even have a voicemail.

Suddenly Tuesday

Suddenly it was Tuesday (yesterday) between 11:00am – 3:00pm EST time which was when the food was supposed to arrive. We waited and waited from 11:00am – 2:00pm with not food in sight. We checked our order online. There now were two prices online on the food place’s website. One price was the original price of the groceries as we had ordered them and the other was about half that price. Also, it said in one area that food had been loaded on to their truck but there was another area that stated a time of loading that was two hours different. What was going on? A half hour later. It was now 2:30pm and no groceries. Finally our order came at around 2:45pm. We were happy to have much needed food. Only approximately half of our original order had been received presumably due to there not being availability of them. We were just grateful to have some of the food in this Pandemic.