Day 43: Drowning in Their Water

Killing for Sport

Emotion can result in crying or or tension. We experienced the latter when our little cocoon got ripped open by a misunderstanding. It was a dream that had been many years in the making and one mean spirited individual with the need to be heard in his anger about his life, effectively killed an important desire.

Changes in the Affect of Communication

In the old days it used to be that any news was good news. But that isn’t really true anymore. Because of instant forms of electronic communication, anyone with an option or inclination toward acting out, has the means of doing so, even if it means halting a career in its path.

Pissed at Mom, Dad and the World

Such was the day for us yesterday. A meticulously crafted message was sent out to those with open arms but was then spit upon by someone who hated their father, their mother and most importantly themselves. This produced the need to be heard, even it it was to harm another. And we’re not talking about the Manhattan Coronavirus.