Day 44: No Need to Jump

Yesterday was a Different Day

Yesterday you may have noticed was filled with angst and sadness. Today is a better day thank goodness. Not all out of the woods but at least I won’t be jumping off of a building in the near future.

They Don’t Care

It’s a lot to be violated when you have the best of intentions and held your breath as a took a step. Unfortunately not everyone’s radar is able to see this. Also, just because this is a time of hopefully of unification in the face of adversity, there are still a lot of bozos out there.

They are in Pain Themselves

Can a movement forward be Bozo Proof? The answer is “No.” You have to have enough confidence that if you encounter a Dweeb you can say “Hello” and respond to their nastiness with an upbeat understanding response (yes, you mus appear as empathetic toward Knuckleheads). So now that you have the steps, are you up for the ride?