Day 45: They’re Even Wearing Masks in the Mountains

Even in the Mountains

It seems like everyone is wearing masks everywhere. My brother lives kind of in the mountains, or at least near them. And even there masks are needed in public.

Where are the Masks Coming From?

The same goes for the “common areas” of our apartment building. I am still wearing a scarf around my face. We were supposed to get masks but they never came, though, thankfully a family member has some extras and is going to send them to us.

The Coronavirus is Everywhere

But how did Covid-19 get to the more rural areas of the country? One of my sisters lives in one of the most remote communities in the world and still has to have her daughters do play dates wearing masks and being 6 feet apart from the other kids. She described visiting the few neighbors they have by never entering their houses and meeting outside of the porch area, having to raise their voices to be heard by each other.