Day 46: Trapped in the Pandemic with a Toothache

A Major Problem?

A scare that I experienced yesterday afternoon was that I thought I had a growing toothache. The reason that such a thing is so frightening is that if it does turn into a full blown throbbing and very painful situation, what is one to do? I had been very disappointed with my regular dentist when this person had overcharged me for working on the exact same tooth that could have developed into a major problem.


I had switched dentists a few years back for the exact same issue which was the overcharging, far beyond what insurance coverage had paid. Dentists can sometimes get very greedy and not only pocket what was a fair amount from insurance, but to then charge the patient a thousand dollars or so. A thousand dollars is a lot of money to me and was the amount I’ve faced having to pay as a patient.

Throbbing Pain

But what was so frightening about having a possible major tooth scare in a pandemic? Imagine this: having to have a tooth removed or fixing of a tooth when the mere thought of standing closer then 6 feet near a person is terrifying, let alone it being someone like a dentist who is working with many different people therefore upping the odds that they had been exposed to COVID-19. And in an intense situation we are in which is the cutting off of all types of services compounded the incident. Thankfully the tooth stopped throbbing with pain. At least for the moment.