Day 47: Making Friends with Digital

At Least Staying in Touch

Are you friends with digital? This is an important time to be. This means working with customers in the midst of a pandemic. Can you adapt now, even if digital didn’t play much a role in your business prior to this? Are there ways to integrate digital more, even if it just means staying in touch with customers so they are hopefully there when this is all over?


Chances are you have more time now than before. How can you use this time to reinvent what you do? First look at the service you provide and why your customers need it. Then figure out a possible way that some of that need can be fulfilled digitally.

A New Direction

Can you act on your new direction now, without having to wait until the Coronavirus becomes manageable?  Do you need the help of someone else to help you do this? How can you be in touch with this person? Food for thought in a digital world.