Day 5 – Coronavirus Getting Closer to Home

Getting Closer and Closer

The Coronavirus keeps getting closer and closer to home. It encroaches a little more, bit by bit, to me and my family. The latest is that my 11 year old daughter won’t be physically going to school tomorrow. Instead, she is participating in a full day of school via her ChromeBook computer. We are told this is only a test preparing for what could be a need, but currently is not.


Although it is a bit disconcerting, I do respect the school for preparing for the worst. It should be interesting tomorrow because my daughter will be doing a full day of school from home.

Still Going to the Office

I am lucky in that I do my work from home and yesterday my wife worked from home also. But today she is actually going to her office in midtown. I am leery of this because things keep just getting worse and worse and since this is New York City , she will be smashed in on the subway by people prone to sneezing and coughing. She will be staying home tomorrow though. Doing an entire day of work via computer side by side with me and our daughter.