Day 50 – A Cast of Characters

Washing Buddies

Saturdays I sleep in and sometimes do the laundry unless I push it off to Sunday. The laundry room in our building has a revolving door of a cast of characters. Even though we’ve lived in our building for over a decade we don’t know that many people in the building. So my only contact with individuals is when I’m washing out clothes.

Thanks to a Nursing Home

The individuals I encounter are made even odder because of the various ways people wear their masks. I’m a part of that oddness. I still wear a mask in the form of a scarf because we still haven’t gotten the masks that we ordered nor have we received in the mail the masks from my wife’s father who in turn got a supply from a friend who runs a nursing home.

Considering a Change

The most surprising thing about the laundry folks is that they do not keep a social distance. In fact, they are as pushy as ever if you get in their way. It’s as though they feel they are magically protected from actually getting sick. Last week two women in masks almost knocked me over in order to get to their respective washers. Maybe I should change the day and time I wash our clothes.