Day 54: Zoom is Zooming

Remote School

It’s incredible that  we’ve reached Day 54 in lockdown. This will long term have a big impact on my 11 year old daughter. She is handling it well and remains focused on distance learning, homework, cleaning her room and Minecraft. We do a weekly Zoom call with my wife’s family. Zoom is also used for meetings with my club and my daughter’s remote school also.

Zoom is Indeed Zooming

Zoom is really zooming. I’ve know about it for quite some time and I found the initial version very buggy and hard to use, but they seem to have perfected the system and is seems like everyone is using it in these Coronavirus days.

Making Contact Across the Country

I have a Zoom call coming soon and am looking forward to it. Myself and the same New York City Zoom group members last time around interviewed someone live from Las Vegas who is very famous in the craft we are a part of.