Day 55: Phone Communication

No Travel Time Needed

We are now on Day 45 of America’s lockdown and Day 55 of our own. Our only forms of communication now are our computers and phones. I spend more time on the phone at present because it is no longer possible to do meetings with clients and others live. There have been some benefits to that which include being able to do meetings via Zoom therefore saving me time on what would have been necessary travel time.

Self Motivation

I’m impressed with our staying power. 55 days of being in our apartment and myself, my wife and our daughter are doing quite well. My wife and I are fortunate in having a daughter who is self motivated and has not been a problem at all in this process. She attends school remotely, does her homework and has various online activities she participates in.

Phone Communication

As I sit here in Manhattan, NY, working on the computer, I hear rain outside. There is a part of me that wants to step outside and feel the rain on my face, but this is impossible, especially in our building where people are walking around in the lobby and in the hallways without wearing masks. So instead it is back to the phone talking with clients and others. I am thankful for phone communication.