Day 6 Education Remotely

Classrooms on the Internet

Classwork done with students in their homes all using their laptops to connect with their teacher during the regular school day is remote education and it’s getting more and more frequent in the wake of Covid-19. In fact, from my home office I can hear it in motion. My 11 year old daughter is in the other room talking with friends and typing in information regarding school assignments as the teachers teach.

The New Norm?

We are told that this one day experiment is not being done because the school is going to be closing its physical location, though, one wonders. Other educational institutions ranging from kindergarten to college are shutting their doors. Meanwhile, online education is not looking so poor after all. Is this quickly becoming the new norm?

Home Office Via WFI

I am typing this taking a break from my work which today consists of developing solutions for businesses as we face the Coronavirus. It’s still all a little surreal.