Day 61: Your Phone is Everything

Pull Out Your Phone

Thank goodness for the phone. If we did not have them, keeping our heads on our shoulders straight would be a lot more difficult. But with the phone we can make contact with others. In fact, our phones are not only the key to our communication, but they are our entertainment means as well. Watching moves on our phones, playing games on our phones, even dating on our phones.

Losing Touch?

Does this mean we are losing touch with reality? Well, one thing for certain this reality is a much different one than 100 years ago, so in that sense we are losing touch with one reality while getting into contact with another one.

Accessing Communication

Our new reality of phone consciousness is that all things involving communication can be accessed. Need to solve a business problem? Pull out your phone. Want to solve a personal issue? Pull out your phone. There is very little that can’t be done with our phone. Some say our phones are everything.