Day 62: We are the NYC Squad

Overcoming Obstacles

We are the NYC Squad. Despite the spread of COVID-19 we keep moving forward in our businesses. Many of us have had to reinvent ourselves to stay afloat, others were not so lucky. They discovered that the reinvention of themselves wasn’t possible. This was mostly businesses that had as their primary component the need to have the customer or client physically in the same room as them.

Luck Can Be Made

But the Squad is spreading the message that digital transformation is possible. At least some aspects are anyway. As the NYC Squad we are spreading the message for businesses to help businesses. To lend their knowledge and feedback to others not so lucky as themselves.

We are Stronger Together

Businesses helping businesses is that way it should be and would certainly assist in having all businesses becoming healthy again. You see, the Coronavirus was contagious not just with our physical health but also that of our business health. When we help others we are, all of us, the USA Squad.