Day 64: When I’m 64

Getting Older

So we have now arrived at Day 64 which means we have been indoors for over 2 months. Just 3 months ago I would have never believed that this is where my family and I would be now. Like the Beatles song I just hope this won’t keep happening until I’m 64 which comparatively isn’t all that far off as ages go.

Looking for the Good

Some may say this has been a Godsend in terms of creativity. I’ve had a chance to explore creativity in depth in a way that I never have before. So with every setback comes a silver lining if you look for it. Some say “Everything happens for a reason,” which as I have mentioned, even if you don’t believe in it spiritually, it can just be a good thing to live by because if you think that way you’ll always be looking for the good.

Idealistic Again?

So now I am moving forward with a degree of optimism. Don’t get me wrong, for those who know me I am still the cranky pessimist, but paranoia aside, my pessimism can be turned on its head and become idealism again, all these years later.