Day 65: Always Looming

Is it Worth the Risk?

Even in times of happiness, the Coronavirus is ever looming. Today is Mother’s Day and myself and my 11 year old daughter made an animated card for my wife that we emailed to her. This is of course because we couldn’t actually go out and buy a card if we wanted to. Even though technically we are able to go purchase one, is it worth the risk?

No More Pizza?

Now as I listen to my wife and daughter in the other room, they are talking about New York pizza. My daughter is concerned that proprietors of that delicious food will go out of business. She fears that there will be no more NYC pizza available post Coronavirus.

Always Looming

Of course, none of us really know what is going to happen next. With the new statistics telling us that the amount of COVID-19 cases are contracted 66% in the home, we feel even more not at ease. It seems that the disease is always looming