Day 7: The City Shuts Down

Some People Have Lost Their Livelihood

The city for all intents and purposes has shut down. All this in one week. A week ago was nothing compared to today. Silent streets. Not a lot of traffic. I had to take my daughter to the doctor today and we road the bus. The bus had very few people in it. It was sad. More and more industries are caving in. Also, the gig economy. Anything that needs an audience or a group gathering of some kind, is toast.

Finding Things that Were Not There Before

The challenge for me is to go through all the eBooks I’ve been writing, some of them based on the need for spectators. In some ways all the work I’ve done is useless. But maybe not. I am determined to turn it around. I am working on figuring out new ways that people can make money who prior had jobs that required crowds.