Day 70: Washing Hands for Entertainment


Washing your hands is the running gag of COVID-19. Or at least that could be a very good way to look at it because for the time being we have an ongoing love/hate relationship with water and soap. Sometimes though it really does seem ludicrous (and I’m not talking about the rapper).

Passing of Germs?

Take for example last night. It started with a simple thing to do: go downstairs and get the mail from our P.O. box in the lobby. Down the stairs I went (fearful of having to share an elevator at closer than 6 feet) and while doing so I realized I had touched the external door knob of our apartment and had just touched my leg which could have caused the passing of germs to the sweats I was wearing.

Bottoms of Shoes?

I used the key to open the box, which was another possible passing of the disease. I took out the mail, yet another potential getting germs from mail people who had handled it. I went up stairs and back into the apartment but it occurred to me that the bottom of my shoes had touched an area on the floor that we walk on barefooted.

12 Equals 5

I’m not going to bore you with more details, let’s just say that in the hour that followed, because of a sequence of possible germ transmissions, I washed my hands around 12 times which comes out to be approximately every 5 minutes. Rather than to stress out, better to laugh at the running gag.